10 Best Recommendations for 3-year-old Toddler To Enjoy Disneyland!

I was struggling to make sure my 3-year-old boy will enjoy Disneyland for the first time. I’ve done so much research, went through a lot sites, but still can’t be sure I can make him happy when we visit there.

Here are my recommendations based on our experience that we have found very helpful. Hope to give you a hint to make you little one to enjoy Disneyland too !


First of all, you need to get the →


Make sure the time will not affect to another , because they don’t allow people to got multiple passes at the same time period.

For 3-year-old boy, all the speedy attraction rides are not suitable; they are not interested either. Instead, slow rides or musical shows can entertain them the most.

Below recommendations are the best from our experience. Hope you and baby can enjoy it too !

1) Tomorrowland: Blasters (Buzz light year)

It’s better to get the FastPass first when you arrived there. There is a looooong line that could cost couple hours to get a ride on. Your baby will be very exhausted unless you get a FastPass first which can save you tons of time.

2) The monorail

With a 3-year-old, it is not very convenient to find a safety ride for the little ones to enjoy with adults. However, the monorail , your baby and you can enjoy the relaxation time while riding it . Parents usually are very tired while playing and taking care a toddler in the Disneyland. Besides , you can take a look of the whole Disneyland. Get a whole picture, then you will know better what to do ; how to arrange the time better during the day.

3) Micky Mouse Map Musical show

I have to say no matter which show you are going to see, make sure to be there at least 30 minutes earlier. This Mickey Map, it’s like parents WAR ! The line is not a ordinary line, they make all the people waiting in front. Then, once the time is up, they open it for all crew at the same time. It feels like you join a race, and waiting for the start ringing, then every parents just run to get a better front central seat ! It’s scary , I’m telling you . Especially when you carry a 3-year-old baby with you, and looking for seats for the whole family, not easy !!!

4) Small World

Take this ride at the last; better in the evening. Then you can enjoy the time, and the light up show after / or while riding on it. It will take you and your baby to the different world. Enjoy the moment . Enjoy the Magic lighting power.

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5) Disneyland Railroad

I’ll say it’s probably the most entertaining thing for our baby and us. Enjoy the bird’s eye view while riding on the Railolad. It is very exciting while seeing the view.

6) Dumbo

A little speedy; but the little one can experience the fast ride for a little. But a new experience can open their little mind which is a wonderful thing !

7) Storybook Land Canal Boats

It’s a small boat but you definitely can enjoy the lake view. The staff in the boat also will introduce all the storybook stories.

It’s also a looong line that all the parents want to take their children to experience boats. If you go winter time like us , make sure to keep warm for you and your family.

8) Parade

Don’t be too easy on this one if you want let your baby to see clearly. There are so many people waiting for parade about 1 hour earlier, so they can keep a better view. It will be very crowded and hard to see in the back.

9) Micky Mouse Home / Goofy House

If your little one is a fan of Mickey Mouse , he may want to see what Mickey Mouse’s home look like. It’s like from the television to the reality. The little one must very excited to see it.

However, it’s also a looooong line to wait to enter; you may consider to check out Goofy’s first , and can take a pick with Goofy.

P.S. Apologize for the picture! I couldn’t find one that we took with either Mickey or Goofy’s house . But this one is nearby them. Hope you don’t mind !

10) Casey Junior Train Ride

It’s a very exciting ride, but it doesn’t mean it’s a fancy attraction ride. It’s just a train but with very cute lovely story design. So it feels like you become a Cinderella while riding on it. The location is not very noticeable, so it’s not a long line like others . Just need waiting for a while , then you can your toddler can enjoy the view while riding on it.

11) Finding Nemo Ride ( Submarine Voyage)


You have to make sure to have time to take a ride on this.

I have to say Whoever created this submarine is really a genius! The whole Disneyland is already another different world as the real one; this submarine will take you to another level. Into the water wold , and see Nemo like reality, and also feel like you are sitting inside of a real submarine.

Warning: If you or your family, anyone has Claustrophobia ( a fear of being enclosed in a small space), please do not try this ! It will freak you out since you have to stay inside for a while to experience the underwater world. And It is very narrow inside of the submarine!

11) 21:30 Fireworks !

About this one, it will depend on how late your toddler can keep awake. Because it will start around 21:30-21:50, and everyone know you need to go to the Disneyland as early as possible to get a chance to enjoy the whole Disney environment the most. Because of that, your toddler must be so exhausted after a long day playing. Including you I believe ( oh , yes ! We were super tired in the evening!) .

However, it is very excited to watch the Disney fireworks !!! It is so beautiful, so creative, so enjoyable, so bright up your mood !

If you play to go to the Disneyland for at least 2 days, I suggest you may choose 1 day to stay longer , and to enjoy the awesome fireworks !

P.S. For kids who ages 3-9 can have discounted tickets ! Under 3 is free, FYI !

Hope you enjoy all the recommendations above , and wish you and your baby can have a wonderful time in Disneyland !!!

Be safe, be happy!

Happy New Year !!!

Love from Athena

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