How to Be Stunning? 10 Easy Tips For Every Mommy !

How to be a stunning Mommy?

When we became a mommy, we tend to care less for ourselves. Because the baby, chores, chaos mess in the house, etc…….


Whenever you have a little bit time for yourself, you just want to sleep, right?

I know. Because I feel the same way, too.

However,  you need to  keep yourself well ! No matter what. It is not only for you, but also for your children. They look up to you, you are the model of their life. 

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Here are the quickest and easiest tips for all the mommies ( especially for housewives !); let’s do this together , shall we?

 1) Put some Tight Closes On !

Mommy tend to put loose clothes for daily use, because  it is very easily for you to move very quickly! When you take care of your baby, there is no time for your to think for yourself. The easily to make yourself to put together is :

Choose the tight clothes on ! 

You know, there is a magic when you choose the clothes you want to wear at the moment. For example, your husband asks you to go out to have a nice dinner with him (probably it’s been a very long time for him to ask you out already since you become a mom) , do you still want to wear the PJs that your wear everyday at home ? Or you want to show him that you are still a sexy lady that he fell in love in the first place ? You definitely don’t want to be like ” oh my god! I can’t fit any dress anymore!” . Then, you are forced to choose some pants on your date with your husband. Then it probably won’t be the next time for him to ask you again.

I know there is no time for mommies to work out ; unless you have nannies or babysitters or your family to support you, but if you are like me, I have no one but myself to do everything, how will be possible for me to go to a gym or find sometime to workout ? Impossible ! Or even I have time, the only thing I want is to sleep!!! Come on ! I know you are like me ! Mommies always are so tired , because we are so lack of sleep. ( At this moment, I woke up at 4 am to take care my sick baby who has been sick for two days already…) .

However, there is the magic !

Put some tight clothes on !!!

Seriously, no matter what kind of clothes you choose, it just needs to be tight ! Such as , your workout pants , or a pair of jeans. With a tight T-shirt, or just a tank , as long as it is tight , you will feel the magic !

Once you wear something tight , you will eat less, sit properly, hold your loose tummy, then you will make your body figure better than usual. Even though you don’t have time to go to the gym, you still put yourself together. You won’t gain more weight, won’t get upset to yourself again.

Extra Tip:

Do not choose something expensive, because your baby probably will spill on it or throw up in the next second!

2) Put some make up on !

This is what my grandmother has taught me.  She always looks so elegant, so classy no matter whenever I see her. (Even though she is already 90 !) Especially when she is not feeling well, she says, just put a little bit make up on , then you will feel totally different! Some lipstick, or  just fulfill your eyebrow. Then, not only you, all your family who see your appearance, they will feel the delight too. Everyone will be into a better mood , and it all because the little make up on ! So, why not ?

Extra Tip:

Please don’t try too much ; otherwise, it will become too much pressure for people to see your face. 

3) Eat Slowly & Wisely !

There is always no time for mommies to eat normally ever agin once you have a baby or kid at home. But, No matter how much time you have , please remind yourself that  SLOW DOWN  !

When you prepare some for your kids, why not you have one ?  Just one condition:  save it for later ! After the kids go to school or when they take a nap, then you can make yourself a cup of coffee , and enjoy some treat for yourself nicely and slowly.

In this way, you become more classy and stunning !

Extra Tip :

Prepare some barriers, or cereals, or dry fruits in your kitchen frequently. Then when you don’t have time, you can put them into a FANCY BOWL OR A NICE SOUP PLATE, then eat it that won’t take you more than 10 minutes. And you will still look beautifully when you eat it , also keep yourself healthy.

4) Keep Journaling!

I know people use their cellphone more than use a pen nowadays. However, I really really recommend if you can find a note that you like or it will make you feel elegant, then please write things down. You don’t need to force yourself to write every single day, but just write whenever you have time.  Even just 5 minutes, or the time you go to the toilet. Or maybe just once a week, it will be fine too.

Using your hand to write your thoughts down, can really help you to calm and focus on yourself more. Being a mom , not means you have to give up yourself.

In fact, it is very important to keep yourself focus !

Anything, anything your are interesting at. Or just a random thought. Keep it for yourself. Make a cup of tea, or just some hot water with some piece of lemon and honey, then  WRITE.  Even only on e minute. It will only focus on yourself. You will feel mush fresher after doing it.

Then, of course, become more elegant, and stunning for sure !

Extra Tip:

Buy an expensive one, you will keep doing it without thinking ! Because every time, when you touch it, you will feel yourself very luxury and stunning!

5) Read!

Anytime, anywhere. Keep reading!

When you get older, the skin products will help you to anti-aging , but won’t last forever, and the effect is limited.

Instead, READING will give you all the stunning atmosphere!

Have you see a woman who just walk passed to you ,  you just can’t leave your eyes out of her? (I am not talking you might be a lesbian ) . She may not be very beautiful or sexy, or like a supermodel, but you just can’t stop watching her until she left.

That is stunning elegance !

If you can keep yourself well, inside and out, you will look more stunning than ever!

It just needs some time.

You need to read a lot!

Keep it as a habit.

No matter how much time you have in a day, just keep reading every single day.

Such as, on the way to school; or while waiting for your kids at school, or the time finally you can go to the toilet.

 Just do it.

You will feel very classy for yourself every time you do it.

Extra Tip:

Thanks to the high technology today, we can always use our phone to download unlimited books. Download  KINDLE  or  iBOOKS  in your phone, then you can read whenever, wherever.

Elegance is the most beautiful factor for women.


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6) Make a cup of Coffee / Tea for YOURSELF!

It related another article I posted before.


Coffee and Tea can make people calm.

Especially  when you are under stress. Even instant coffee will work too. Sometimes, you don’t even need to drink it. You just pour a cup of coffee, the put on your table or anywhere near to you that you can smell it, will makes you feel classy for yourself. Also, you will feel more energetic.

Extra Tip:

Use a cup you like the most! Everyday when you use it, you feel it is your very own time! Enjoy every moment with your coffee/tea. Feel your own elegance!


7) Stretch !

As a mommy , you barely have time to exercise. But at least, you need to stretch! Even only 3 mins , or even just 1 min.

Stretch yourself!

Take a deep breath, clear your thought , focus on yourself, your own body, put yourself together. Once you stretch, your whole body will be into a better position. Doing some stretch also helps stronger your immure system and digestive system. you will feel a lot better ! Once you feel better for yourself, you will smile more, then become a charming mommy as well!

Extra Tip:

Online shop a yoga mat , and sit down on it. Stretch yourself when you on it. The space will become your relax area. Even just 1 min in a day !

8) Watch Your Posture !

Straight UP !

Remember, good habits can makes you look very STUNNING too.

Extra Tip:

This is my favorite! Wear Heels !

There is a magic about heels.

Once you put it on, you naturally become very elegant. Even at home, I wear heels. Especially when I cook !

( It can make me higher too that I can reach higher to get my cooking stuff ! Win-Win !) 


9) Smile !

Simple ! Smile to yourself. Everyday, every morning, before you leave the house.

If you don’t want to smile to yourself, who else wants to smile at you ? Build your confidence by a simple morning smile to yourself, to your kids, to your husband. You will naturally smile more, and feel good to yourself more, then become a classy and stunning mommy for sure.

Besides,  It is free  !

Every mommy loves free stuff, aren’t we ?

You will feel the magic for sure !



Find any kind of lotion that you like.

With the fragrance you love; hand lotion, body lotion, facial cream …etc. Anything you like, and you can put on whenever , however you like. I like to put a little hand lotion in my purse, and put it on while the way to school to pick up my boy. Smell it , then feel much energetic, and fresher.

Mommies, we , usually feel very tired due to lack of sleep. It is important that you know how to keep yourself awake ,and energetic. Don’t show your tired face to your little precious too easily, because they will feel guilty that to keep you busy, and then may afraid to talk to you since they know their mommy is so tired.

Extra Tip:



Simple! Just drink as mush as you could! Keep yourself hydrated is very important! You won’t feel hunger too easily, and you can control your wight too. Remember, keep yourself slim is also very elegant !

Extra Tip 2:

Wake up a little bit early, then take a very quick shower, but then moisturize yourself with lots of lotion on your whole body.

It is very hard to get up early, but once you try, you may love the feeling to take the shower. And you will feel very fresh , and more powerful to start your busy day !


 Be elegant ! Be Stunning !

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  1. These are great tips! It’s important to smile, I agree with you on that one 😊

    1. MamaAthena says:

      Thanks for the agreement @bloggerfromthebronx ! Actually sounds easy, but sometimes we just forgot about it and scared the kids. Lol ! And the husband of course! 😅 Let’s keep classy and stunning! Have a very good one ! 💋

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