10 Easiest Ways to Eat Wisely During The Christmas Season !

Here comes my favorite season : Christmas !!!

However, it might give you the nightmare after since you will be super relax, enjoy the holiday mood, and …

Eat a lot ! 

Your goal is to be a stunning mommy ?

Then, the first thing but very important rule is : CONTROL YOUR WEIGHT !

Well, it is very hard to control not gaining any more weight during this season. Especially when you are like me , a Middle Age mommy, it’s even hard to lose weight. I have to admit it that I am always gain lots of weight during the Christmas. The only thing we can do is to avoid gaining anymore.


Here are the 10 simple rules for all the mommies to easy control the weight. Check it out !

1) Eat Veggies First !

Make sure whenever you eat, eat the veggies first! In this way, your stomach will full of fiber which will make you feel half full already, and those dietary fibers you took will help you to digest the food you take later smoothly. Moreover, make your skin youthful!

2) Eat As Slowly As Possible !

If you are a business person who never have enough time to eat properly, at least slow down your speed while eating. Because if you eat too fast, you may safe the time, but you will eat more than you need for your body, and eating too fast also bad for digestion as well.

Besides, slowly eating is always the easiest way to be elegant.

3) Drink 1 Cup Of Water Before Eating.

Water is the most important liquid for us. It also can help you to keep youthful and energetic. The best thing is : DIET !

Like I mention above, DON’T GAIN ANYMORE WEIGHT!

If you are fat, you definitely will look much older than you actual are. Keep yourself in the best figure is the basic 101 rule for being a stunning and classic woman ( AKA: BIMAJO ) !

By dinking a cup of water will help your digestion and makes you feel not that hungry already. Moreover, water can help remove all the toxins from your body.

Super liquid I’ll say !

4) Eat Cool Rice Instead Of Hot One.

Basically, for Asian , we eat more rice than bread. Rice is our staple food. Many people like eat freshly cooked rice , and it actually really delicious for sure. However, if you are on a diet or you want control the weight but still enjoy the rice, I strongly recommend COLD RICE !

There are many reports indicate that once the cooked rice cooling down, the resistance starch will become more than freshly cooked rice which is considered a fiber too! Resistance Starch will help your digestion and also lower your blood sugar pressures! Lower blood sugar pressure also is very important to avoid aging skin !

Sushi is a really good choice !

5) Eat Protein Before The Meat !

Well, we all know protein is very important for our body. Because it can help us keep energetic and not easily feel hunger too. Moreover, it helps anti-aging as well.

The way to enjoy your every meal ; especially for the Christmas meal, there is a super but easiest rule for you to enjoy it , and also let the food nurture your body.

That is :


By following this basic steps, you will let your body enjoy the food the most but not gaining unneeded weight.

Extra Tip:

Eggs are the cheapest and easiest food to take protein for your body!

6) Choose Wine Instead Of Beer !

Holiday season is the time for people to gathering together, and when you hangout with your family , friends , you can’t avoid to have a dink mostly. In fact, it is the quickest way to break the ice too!

In Japan, not only holiday season, it’s almost every time every meal, when people sitting down, Japanese always have a cup of beer first ! It’s part of our culture. (We call it : KANPAI! )

It is very enjoyable!

However, if you want to control the weight and keep the beauty at the same time, but still want to enjoy it , I recommend choose WINE instead of beers.

WINE is made by grapes. It contains various yeasts by making from grapes to wine. It includes lots of antioxidants which can provide at health benefits to your body. Especially red wine ! By drink wine , you also reduce the appetite for craving junk food , also helps you on diet too !

Besides, the calories of wine is much lower than beers !

Choose wisely, enjoy more !

7) After Eating, Workout !

I remember when I was a child, teachers always taught us not to do exercise after eating because it will make you not digest well , and give extra pressure to your stomach. However, nowadays, the nest medical research found out that if you do some exercise after eating, it will help you not taking lots sugar from the food you taken into your body , which means your blood sugar will increase slower than just sitting there.

Stretch, simple yoga, walking around the neighborhood, some push-ups, anything keep you moving your body helps!

8) Less Carbs, More Protein !

Wisely choosing the food you take into your body is really important. Sometimes we all crave for some carbs ( yes, I love carbs too !) However , if you want to nurture your body and make your body youthful, powerful, and still enjoy every food you eat, I recommend eat protein more than carbs.

Not saying you can’t eat any carbs, in fact , you still need carbs to support your body, especially your brain depends on it, but you can balance it! You need to do this .

We are not young anymore , so we need to understand our body what there best way to make ourselves more stunning !

Fish will be the best voice ! Meat also good for your body too! Eggs are the simplest but so delicious food ever ! There are so many choices for you to enjoy food instead of eating unnecessary carbs.

9) Stand For At Least 30 Minutes After A Meal.

After eating , usually you just want to lie down or sit as much as possible. Well, next time when you finish your meal; especially the Christmas super happy meal , please stand up immediately! Do something but not sitting. Straight your body , your stomach, and do something will distract you from the desire of relaxation. For example, washing the dishes , stretching your body, replying some emails, make some calls, take a walk ( may with family is a plus!) …etc.

Actually this tip relates to the #(7) I mentioned above. The key point is you need to let your body not gaining the fat and the sugar too easily into your body. In this way, it can reduce the neutral fat from your body, and also lower the blood sugar level.

10) Balance!

You know you actually can enjoy the food more than you think ! No need to hold it and keep hunger because you want to keep your body slimmer. In fact, if you choose the food cleverly, you can enjoy it and without any guilty feeling.

Balance is really important, you have to understand what you need , what is good for you , and more importantly, is how to eat it.

Let’s enjoy this wonderful holiday season and celebrate our body with it, shall we ?

Be chic ! Be clever!

Merry Christmas!

Love from Athena

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