10 Super Useful Tips to Tame Your Kid’s Tantrums !

It is very common that toddlers have temper tantrums, because it is the easy way for them to express their feelings since their language skills may not very good yet.  Whenever it happens,  you just wish your child can calm down immediately because it is so embarrassing, and you are so tired to see it happens again and again.


Here are the super useful tips for every mommy/ parent that I have experienced, and found it very useful.

  1. Smooth Your Voice.

  • Kids yell when they have meltdowns. Do Not Follow their emotion.Mama, You have to keep yourself calm first, and remember :

Keep Your Voice DOWN,

Softer Your Speaking Tone.

2. Eye Contact

  • This is very important ! Making a good eye contact with your toddler, to let them feel your love directly. Sometimes, they cry is just because they need your attention, not because of the the new toy.

3. Hug & Kiss.

  • Physical contact is very important with the one you love.  It is very important to keep physical contact with your husband/partner. Same point, you have to let your child feel your love too. They need to feel you, to smell you. It will soothe his nerves very fast.

4. Practice.

  • Prevent the situation before it happens. Not only for your child, but also for you. You both need to practice. During the daily life, it is a must to teach him how to control his emotion quotient. Don’t think it is still early. They are toddlers, they are getting ready to face the real world, it is your responsibility to make him become stronger. Also, you need to practice to learn how to be a cool mama who doesn’t yell at her child when they are out of control.


5. Understanding.

  • Try your best to understand the reason why he got disappointed; or what his desire is at the moment. Maybe he just need you, or maybe he is too hungry. Or maybe he got jealousy by other kids.

6. Diversion & Distraction.

  • Find something he would love, or his favorite. Try to make him focus on you and the thing he likes. To let him know there is something interesting around him,  and he may forget the reason which pissed him off, and pay attention to the new thing or you.
  • Or You may find something new that he may never see before to let him focus on different things. Even he might still have tears on his little face, he can draw attention away from the situation which makes his mad, and be happy at the next second.

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7. Promise.

  • This tip wouldn’t be easy! Because sometimes it is not easy to keep  a promise; or it might spoil your kids too much ( I bet you know what I mean). However, once you made a promise with him, then you have to make sure you will fullfill it as soon as you can.Moreover, please don’t forget your promises.

8. Space

  • Give your child some space. Think about this: when you get upset, do you want a space for yourself? Yes. We all do, right ? Considering toddlers are little grownups already. They are starting to build their personality, to have their own thoughts. They need a little space and to learn how to soothe themselves.

9. Drink.

  • When toddlers are screaming, crying , his body actually needs hydration. Drinking some extra fluids; especially a cups of warm water can also ease his sore throat. Also can distract his attention, and calm him down.

10. Respect.

  • Respect your child’s feeling. Do Not ignore him/her. Try to see things from his point of view. Bend down your knees, standing at the same situation with him. Talk to him like an adult, and to let him explain to you what he really wants.


Hope the 10 simple tips will help you a lot.

Be nice, Relax!

Love from

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