10 Year-Round-Must-Have Mama Fashion Items

Mamas, Are you tired of thinking what to wear, how to wear, or have no idea how to make yourself look nice when you have NO time for yourself everyday?

Here is the mommy fashion basic 101 recommendation for every mommy ! 

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I know kids and the family go first, we often forget ourselves. Our life usually are like: messy hair (no care, I know ! ) ; unpaired shoes, shocks; wearing the clothes inside out (happens to me ALL THE TIME !); or wearing the house slippers to outside and not even notice until someone told you? We all have been there I believe. Lol !

Preparing the basic items for your wardrobe!  Then put into your closet where you can grab super easily in the morning without thinking too much !

You will feel you are getting your unique uniform everyday, because you don’t need to think. Yes, it will be that easy! But it is your style, you will be looked so stylish !


Here are the basic 101 for you, mama!

  1. Cardigan 

I really love cardigans. They are so comfy, so easy to prepare, and you only need to buy one that you love the design, you can wear it all the time. Depends on your budgets, but for me, I just love Banana Republics, they are so elegant , the fabric is fine, and the price is very affordable. My little boy usually sleeps in his ”Baby Car”( aka. Stroller ), I use my cardigan to cover him up , or block the light out ( there are some theories say it is better to let your baby sleep in all dark environment, and it will make your baby sleep better, then grow up bigger !) .

Or when you feel chilling inside of an air-conditioning room, or the weather suddenly changed, you can keep yourself or your baby  not getting a cold.

( Here is another post talking about cardigans since I love it so much! )


  1. Dress / Jumper

This means a casual one-piece dress or jumper. I personally just love jumper sooooo much ! They are very easy to wear, only one second you put it on, then add a pair of sneakers or high heels, you are so ready to go! But if you are a dress person, it is totally fine too ! For mommies who has a little baby needs to carry on all the time, actually dress is better than jumper, because it is very easily for you to go the toilet ( Yes, we all know how it will be difficult by wearing a Jumper suit and carry a baby with you when you go to a PUBLIC TOILET ! NIGHTMARE ! )

If your baby still can’t stand by himself yet, dress is your number ONE Choice ! If you are still breastfeeding, choose one with cross design in the front, then it is so easy to feed the baby, and also you have no problem to go to the toilet.


   3. Blazer

During Spring / Autumn, Blazer will be your best friend! No matter when you have a meeting with Teacher, or you have a mom friends coffee date , you still can just wear a T-shirt and jeans, but just add one cool blazer on, then, trust me , mama, you will be stunning !  So stylish ! But not letting people feel that you are trying too much !

Besides, a blazer can keep you warm too. After giving birth, it is more important to keep warm. Because, mama, we can’t be sick! And keep your body warm is also one of the tips for anti-aging!


   4. White T-Shirt

Have you seen Cindy Crawford, the super model ? If you see her instagram pictures, you will know she wear white T-shirt a lot ! So simple, so classic, just very sassy, very elegant. With a pair of cool jeans that you love , and an awesome sneakers, or if you have some energy on that day, you can also add a pair of high heels, and makes you feel you are like a super model ! Or like recently, a flat shoes also very stylish ! Tory Burch’s flat is my number one choice. Because it is very trendy, very affordable , and so comfy !


   5. Fancy Sneakers

Recently, have you noticed all the high brand start to sell sneakers? Louis Vuitton, Gucci, even Chanel ! You don’t need to buy those, mama. We have to our realities. Kids go first ! There is no budget for us to buy a super expensive sneakers that may out of season so soon, but we can buy a cool, comfy, and with reasonable price sneakers be our best buddy ! Like Nike, Adidas. Mommies already on the go, and it is very important to treat our feet with a nice pair of sneakers. It can protect your to get hurt when you need to run for the errands!


6. Big Scarf

Any scarf you like ! No need to prepare a wool one, or an expensive one. Just need to choose one you like the design, and make sure it is big enough. Because sometimes, we forget the cardigans, and a big scarf can save your life ! When you or your baby is getting cold, or you need a cover for breastfeeding, or you forgot a blanket, or a changing diaper sheet ( Yes, it will be an emergency situation, but I’ve been there ! lol ) , or want to keep the neck warm, or you just want to add something to make your style of the day better, then a big cool design scarf will the best choice! I put one in my big purse all the time.


7. Slim Fit Jeans

I know wider will make you feel better, but you don’t need to oversize yourself, mama! Now, there are so many brands offer very flexible jeans with very comfortable fabric that you can still wear the right size, and make you look still slim, fit, and stylish. Yes, wide pants also can be stylish, but that will be another effort, anther trick, and you need more time for that outfit. For the basic, especially when we always are out of time for preparing the kids, a pair of slim fit jeans is the on-the-go bottom choice for you ! You can wear either a T-shirt or a loose shirt (very comfy ), with any color , any design, as long as your bottom looks tight and fit, you can be stylish, mama !


8. Accessories

You can put a stand on your make up desk, and hang on the necklaces you like the most. Display the earrings you like the most, and you can put some bracelets on the display tray. Then every morning, when you put just a T-shirt and a pair of jeans on, you can grab a pair of your favorite earrings or a long necklace or a bracelet. Either one, or two, to make your whole look a little shinny and you will be stunning by the little accessories you added on. Accessories also can show off your personality. You can be a mom, and also keep yourself at the same time. That is why I am so obsessed about accessories.

Besides, accessories are so affordable!


9. Classy Black Heels

Every mama needs at ONE pair of class black heel. PTA meeting, mom friends date, or if you are a working mom, a pair of black heels is the NEVER FAILD fashion item you need ! Jeans, skirt, dress, jumper; basically everything you can pair with! Recently, there is a trend that people wear gym clothes with high heel ( if you are into trend , you can try too. But I don’t recommend for mommies though. Too much effort, too much time for mommies. lol )

Keep it simple. No need a fancy brand or a complicated design.

Simple is the best. 


10. Wide Open Purse/Bag

Mommies always carry lots of stuff. We probably will be the last person on earth to be minimalism ( Because you need stuff to face all the unexpected situation ). Especially when we alway are running out of time, a wide opened purse / bad will be very helpful ! You just need to throw all the stuff in! Milk bottle, water, snacks, diapers, extra clothes, parties, books, crayons…..etc. Basically, you  are creating a DO-RA-E-MON pocket for yourself ( if you ever read a famous Japanese comics you know what I am talking about. Lol !)


Above are the basic fashion items recommended for every mama ! You can also download the FREE list by signing up. It is printable , and it’s FREE !

Mama, remember, you are fabulous !

You can be stunning ! 

Be stylish, Be ready !

Love from


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