12 Benefits of Coffee For Busy Moms!

Fall in love with coffee !

I love to have a cup of hot latte in the morning when I wake up everyday. Love the early coffee smell full of the house. Makes me calm and get a good mood to start a new day. Here I’d like to share some information about coffee , you will fall in love with it just like I do!

Here are the main 12 Benefits of Coffee ↓↓↓

1) Burn fat faster

After giving birth, mommies always struggle to get back in shape. Besides, because of aging, we need to exercise to keep healthy. Meanwhile , also need something extra to help to us to control the weight. There are so many things for mommies to do!  Coffee will be a great choice to help you out! Because it can promote weight loss by drinking it regularly. Caffeine is the component which can help to burn out your fat faster than non-drinking coffee people!

2) Help Heart health


Well,  aging is a very serious issue for women; especially for mommies ! Every since we become a mom, it seems like our body get older and faster every single day. That’s  the reason that I always look for new information to keep healthy.  There is a new theory that proves coffee can improve heart cells as also strengthen your heart ability to recover from damage. ( Based on a research of an institute and HHU University in Germany ) Which gives us who care about health very much to have more options.

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3) Prevent Diabetes

As we are getting older, Diabetes is one of the diseases we need to be careful. Especially for someone like me who likes sweet deserts so much. When I know coffee can help to prevent diabetes, I was so excited! Based on a research by Harvard University, drinking coffee can reduce the possibility of diabetes. Of course, with less sugar or no sugar!

4) Happier

Do you know approximately 20% of women will be affected by depression ? Of course including me! ( Well , you may say every month when the period comes! Only women know about this…we’re all struggling here!)

Luckily, the smell of coffee will relax your nerves, and makes you feel better, and less stress! So many people drink coffee before heading to work is because it can help you to have a positive effect on mood, and makes your feel more energetic. Besides, in the afternoon , having a cup of coffee will be a great choice to increase your efficiency of work too ! Because it can activate your brain. So, why not!

5) Smarter

If you are a mommy, you would know what I am talking about. Every mommy feels they become dumb after giving birth. (No kidding! The brain just not function as before ! ) Sometimes, I forget what the things I wanted to do, then I have to go back to the previous location again to remind myself. And it happens almost everyday ! Awkward right? I know! But once you become a mommy, you understand what I’m saying here. Here is the thing ! Drinking Coffee can help you concentrating , and also help you to remember things better! What a wonderful news ! Not only paying attention, but also inputting the new information to your brain. Mommies! We need it !

Moreover, coffee is being proven that it can low the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease too. It’s because coffee can activate your brain , and prevent to the brain disease by daily drinking.

You don’t want to get more stupid when you get older.

If you are in middle- age like me, it is time to look for something to prevent the brain diseases now. Anti-aging is not only for skin, you need to take care of your whole body too. Including your brain !

6) Increase Fiber Intake

No matter what age you are, everyone know we all need enough fiber daily. However some people hates vegetables so much. I love veggies, but also wondering how the other options are that I can take more fiber daily. Then, I found some interesting information that makes me love coffee more.

According to the National Coffee Association in USA,  each cup of coffee containing as much as 1.5 grams of fiber. Fiber is an important component to support a good diet. And Soluble fiber helps to lower blood cholesterol, and also glucose levels. Moreover, Coffee can help to improve your fiber intake significantly, but it is necessary to understand that  it shouldn’t be used as a replacement for fruits and vegetables. But, for those who hates to take veggies, maybe coffee is the thing can help them to take some fiber daily. Rather than nothing I guess.

7) Reduces Colorectal Cancer Risk, Liver Cancer

I feel like wring an article like a neutralist which I am not. I only want to share something that can help people to keep healthy, and also can enjoy it daily! Well, this is a part I want to share. Since some people around me have cancer, and we all understand that cancer is a serious disease for all age. Instead of junk food and unhealthy soft drinks, I recommend coffee ! Coffee contains a number of essential nutrients, which can help our balance diet, and also there are several theories show that coffee can Colorectal Cancer Risk, Liver Cancer.

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8) Work better

Do you know coffee also can help you to get along with co-workers better? With the good smell of coffee, everyone have more energy to focus, and to have a better mood when you talk to your coworkers. With a little big sugar will be better. Especially in the afternoon. Because people usually feel sleepy, and the brain always burns out in the afternoon after a half day working, so it is the best time to have a cup of coffee, and you can preform better on your job.

9) More Antioxidants


There is a study indicates that coffee contains significant amount of Antioxidants components. As we know, in common sense, usually fruits and vegetables carry lots of antioxidants. And that is one of the reasons that we should eat more to balance our health. Now, there is another choice for us to take. That is, Coffee. You may ask, what is good about antioxidants? Why do we need it? Simple answers are: Heart , prevent cancer, and anti-aging. Depends on how you like it, some theories states that we can take 3-4 cups of coffee a day, but for me, since one or two is good enough already. (when I was young, I could drink 6 cups a day…lol)

10) Reduces Disease-Causing Inflammation

It is very surprising that Coffee contains polyphenols, and other anti-inflammatory which can help to reduce getting inflammation. When you are too tired , your body will be weak, and that is the time to get inflammation so easily. You need to prevent it, and  coffee is a good choice to help to balance your health.

11) Prevents Tooth Cavities

In 2014, RIO DE JANEIRO university in Brazil, they published a study states that coffee contains benefits for oral health. Also, it can help to stop the destruction of enamel tissue through dental caries. Although, there is a study support coffee can prevent tooth cavities, there is one condition: no sugar! Next time, if you want to have a cup of coffee but doesn’t want to affect to your teeth, maybe try black coffee would be a great choice !

12) Reduce after workout muscle pain


For beginners who just started to workout, it is normal to feel the pain after doing exercise. No one likes to feel it, and sometimes , people just quit exercising to avoid the pain. Well, based on BBC news in 2007, ” There is a small study states that coffee can relieve the post working out pain. The study found moderate doses of caffeine, roughly equivalent to two cups of coffee, can cut muscle pain by up to 48%.”

Next time, you may try a cup of coffee after doing exercise, and it may help !

Good luck , and hope you will enjoy coffee more after knowing all the benefits !

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