365 Easy Japanese Dinner For Hubby #3

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– Healthy Japanese traditional Nikujaga  

– Fried Bellpepper with King Oyster Mushroom in Butter Oyster Soy Sauce

– Summer Romantic Organic Tomato Salad

 – Super Healthy Organic Spinach and Shiitake Miso Soup with Fish dashi        


Because Hubby always come home late because of Japanese hardworking (it’s kind of culture thing), and I have a toddler who just 3 this July, there is always not enough time for me to prepare well, not to mention about some extra time for myself either.

But, still, because I love cooking, and I want Hubby to have some yummy and full of nutritions food when he comes home, I’ve found a way for myself to create simple, quick, but delicious recipes.

Here are my 365 recipes for making Hubby’s dinner, hope you will like it too !

Have fun! Enjoy!


Be prepared, Be Clever !

Love from

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