365 Easy Recipe For Hubby #2

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  • Menu:
    • Grilled Mackerel Japanese Style
    • Fried Mayonnaise Okra Wrapped in Bacon • Crab Stick Red Onions Salad with Bacon Ranch Dressing• Fresh Scallops & Shrimp Miso Soup

    This dinner menu is very easy and full of protein! We love seafood, and Hubby loves bacon ! Try to make a meal for Hubby with his favorite but also keep it healthy!  Hope you will like it too !

  • Recipe:

1) Unfrozen  mackerel

2) Use bacon to wrap Okra , then use uncooked pasta to make it stable.

3) Boil some hot water, then Put Shrimps, Scallops into the pot , and add some hon-dashi, dry fish based dashi , then cook for at least 30mins.

After taste gets tender, turn off the heat , and add some miso. Make sure it melts enough.

4) Put the mackerel into a pan, and cook it until the skin gets brown.

5) Cook Bacon wrap with Okra ( medium heat) , until the bacons gets pink cooked color.

6) add some green onions into Miso soup before it into bowls.

The  you will have it !

Enjoy ! xoxo

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