Best 5 Minuets Make Up Tips For Busy Moms!

No time for make up? Usually you just wash your face and leave the house? Mama, remember,  we are still women, and it is important to keep ourselves clean and beautiful. Not for others , for yourself!


In Japan, all women make sure putting a little bit make up before leaving the house.  It’s a culture thing that we would like to show the respect to the world. No need heavy make up, even just a lipstick. It can make you feel confident to people , and to yourself to feel mutter too!

You may say, there is no time for me to focus on myself. Then, please at least 5mins ! You will feel much energetic and feel feminine about yourself.


Here are my simple tips for you !

1) Eyebrows!

Always remember to fulfill your eyebrows first ! Without eyebrows, you will look like a ghost. (But if you are lucky , you have a wonderful eyebrow already, don’t bother.)

No matter how hard you try to put a wonderful makeup, with a good eyebrow,  it is nothing.

Put a small eyebrow pencil in your purse, just in case. For all the mommies, we all have the experience that  sometimes we totally forget ourselves, and the hair is so messy, the face is so dirty, shoes are not match, clothes is inside out ; it is very awful.

You don’t want to  be shame to yourself. Prepare a little, will help yourself very much !

First thing, EYEBROW!



2) Lipsticks!

Wearing some color on you lip will make you look more attractive and more energetic!


Like Coco Chanel said :

If you are sad, add more lipstick, and attack!

You see how lipsticks can give women power ! It’s only for women; it’s our magic! You can use the magic, then lift yourself up immediately! So, why not ?

Any color you like ! For me, I like matte pink or just red ! Pink is like a rose for your daily life using. Add a little bit rose everyday before you go out. you will look so stunning already !

If you are have an important day, use RED! Because red lip can life your up very much with super powerful feminine sense. Check all the movies, it  works every time !

3) Eyeliners!

I know you don’t have much time ! But, trust me , by using BLACK eyeliner on your eyes, you will look so much awake ! Only the top eyelids will be fine .

If you are lucky, have a wonderful eyeliner already, no need add any. Because nature look is always the best.

But if you are like me, Asian, with no model face, normal, I would say, eyeliner will be your best friend to make your eyes

wider, and bigger, and stronger !

Which we all need !

4) Mascaras!

This is a MUST! 


By using some mascara you will look so awake! Mommies always on the go, so we always look so tired. Adding same color to your eyeliner, black , you will definitely look so stunning in one second ! If you really are so running out of  time , then just the top eyelashes! Apply 2 coats , then you are ready to go !

5) Face powder/ Foundation (with SPF UV at least 20)!

This will depends on your face condition. If your skin is really good , then you don’t need anything just a UV protector. But if you are like me , who always lack of sleep, panda eyes ( dark circle ), large pores ( because of dry skin and getting older …) ,


You just need to put some  liquid foundation or a face powder before you go out. You will feel much better for yourself, because you won’t feel embarrassed in front of other people .


Make up is like a magic immediate plastic surgery for women without any pain. We all need a little bit treat for ourselves to feel better.


If you are tired, put some make up, then you are ready to GO !”


There are too many things for us to deal with everyday as a woman, a mommy, a parent. With a little bit magic, you can do everything better! Especially when your period comes. Of course Chocolate will be your best friend at the moment, no doubt, but also you would need some help from make up too. It is very easy, and quick, can make you sparkle like a diamond !

Last , but the least , Quote by Coco Chanel again ,

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” 

―  a little bit perfume before you go out , with a little bit good sense, you will earn a huge feminine power !


Be chic , be elegant !

Love from


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