Hi there! My name is Athena. A mommy who loves to eat, to write, to share ! Heading to the 40’s now…(Gosh! Time flies !) Loves to make delicious food to my 3-year-old son, and another big kid ( Hubby !) . Also loves travel, fashion, yoga, and  dance ! Now focus on anti-aging ! (Well, it’s about time now. Hope it’s not too late though…lol )


My dream is to encourage, to inspire all mommies/parents through my personal style with my mix culture background.  I also love to share all my mommy tips and tricks to make you to be more amazing!  I have confidence to share it out because I finally got approved from my picky husband !

Being a mom is really not easy; everyday is a new challenge for us. Everyday there is an unexpected issue could be happened . Especially when you travel with a little toddler. We love travel, and that is why I am sharing all my tips out too. To let mommies, all the parents know better what to prepare, how to arrange, and how to entertain your little one and yourself at the same time.

Travel could be exhausting, but it also can test you that how well prepared you are. Besides, traveling is the best way to let your little one grow up in a day ! Also for yourself to know how to be a better parent. Because each day in your trip is full of challenge than normal living life. Still, it is super fun !

I am not expert here, but just want to share my experience and also let myself know better what I am lack of. So, I need your advice too ! If you have any, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below or contact me. I will be so thrilled !

I am now starting my anti-aging journey ! Time for some changes. Don’t afraid to admit to get old. Actually getting aged is a very beautiful thing in our life. You have earned all the knowledge, all the life experience from your life experience , but still keep yourself look so amazing. How wonderful !  It is the time to enjoy life with yourself. While raising your lovely kids, you still can have yourself !

Please feel free to join the journey with me! I’d love to hear your tips too! Please leave a commend below and let me learn from you too! xoxo 🙂


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ALL OTHER INQUIRIES: Please email me first, then we can have a chat by  LINE, VIBER, WHATSAPP.




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