After Working Out You Should Eat !

Every woman wants to go back the slim body we used to have in our twenties, and we are trying so hard on it.



It is the only way!

However,  it doesn’t  mean you have to be starve. 

I start to  work out for the first time in my life, then I  skipped meals, because I thought in this way can reduce more fat from my body because of the hunger. In fact, totally opposite ! If you want to lose some weight, trust me, you have to work out !


Then, the most important thing is :


img_0356And the best choice is : Eat proper meal just after you working out in 30 mins!

You may think what a crazy thought ! Yes, I said you have to eat, but the key point is you have to eat the right food !

Of course depends on what kind of you exercise you did, and for how long. But , you may be a very freshman like me , have no idea about working out, and you would tend to choose only vegetables, or anything with low calories. Or you may skip the meal just like me. How stupid!


The food you need to take the most is :



You destroyed the fat by hard working out, and you’ve tried so hard on it, but you forgot to feed your body , add some gasoline into it ! After working out  ,is the perfect time to rebuild your body!You don’t want any fat come back gain, the only thing you want, is the :



And what’s good for building muscle?



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If you are not a professional sport player, then you don’t need to drink the protein shake. It is pricey , and may let you gain so much weight !


3eggs.jpgSo, just eat the right food !!! Eggs is the cheapest and the best choice for gaining protein. Just not to take too many in one day; otherwise, your kidney may have to overwork because of overtaking it.

There are so many other choices; such as,

Chicken, Fish, Tofu.


The other thing is : Make sure you always take lots of fibers while eating some meats.

My best choice is : MAKEREL !!!


Very easy to cook, very quick proper protein dish.

It’s also full of nutritions !


Good luck !

Be Healthy, Be Powerful , Be Beautiful !

Love from


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