Easy Made Pumpkin Soup

This recipe only less than 10 mins, and what’s the best part ? No need to use a pan for it !



Busy moms always complains there is not enough time for them. But for their love families, for the husband, the kids, we always think what to made for them the best .


Here you go :

1) Half pumpkin (about 800g)

2) Cut into slices, small tubes. Roughly.

3) 1/3 small onion

4) Chopped the Onion to tiny pieces.

5) Chopped carrots ( 10g)

6) A little bit pumpkin skin

7) Salt ( very little)

8) Consommé tube ( 1 piece)

9) Hon-Dashi ( very small amount)

10) Black Pepper ( few)

11) Milk / Almond milk / Cream ( this is I used Almond milk : less Calories)

12) Butter ( 10g)

13) Water ( 30ml)

Except the milk , put everything into a bowl then use microwave to heat up. High temperatures, 6mins.

You may use mixer or just a fork to mash all up until it becomes creamy ( Don’t worry, only about 3 mins, because it’s already melting enough after microwave)

Put some milk into the mashup thick pumpkin creamy soup, then stir. Slowly , and observe your soup until you think it’s not very watery but still cream enough and tasty.



For all the busy mommies out there !

Relax! You can do it !

Be Healthy, Be Ready!

Love from





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