Easy Healthy Red Snapper Salad

Get bored with the salad you eat every time ? Want to try something new and still very healthy but so delicious ?

You may try this healthy unique said, with low calories, but very yummy !

Japanese Healthy Red Snapper Salad


1) Japanese Red Snapper

2) Organic Spinach

3) Okura

4) Red Onion

5) Crab Sticks

6) Organic Egg

7) White Sesame

8) Avocado Oil

• Heat up pan , add some avocado oil, after the oil is heating up a little bit, then put the Red Snapper into the pan. Cook it until the son turn red, and the meat run all white.

• Boil some hot water , then cook (2) Okura for 3-5 mins ( depends on how the taste you like ), then put it on a bowl to let it cool.

• Cut (4) Red onion into slices, then put in cold water for 5 mins.

• Boil another hot water, then cook the crab sticks for 5 mins. Then also take it out, and let it cool.

• Use the same hot water to cook (6) Organic egg for 7 mins , the take it out, put the egg into cold water for 5mins. And take the shell off.

• Put (2)-(6) into a Salad bowl ( except (5) crab sticks), then mix up .

• Put well cooked Red Snapper on top , then add (6) crab sticks, and (7) white sesame on top of the red snapper.

• Add some Japanese Mayonnaise

Then you have it !

Enjoy !

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