How To Become A Stunning Mama In 1 Week ?


The Beginners Guide for being a Stunning Mama.


Have you seen an old picture of yourself recently? How did you look like ? How about the new you now ? You may say where the time went ? What did I do to myself ? If you are not happy with yourself now.


As a mom, your kids are prefer your smile face rather than a poker face that you make often although you are not doing it on purpose. My son recently  asks me this question : ” Mama, why you are not happy ?” I was so shocked by his question because I didn’t aware that I was not happy at the moment. Then, I smiled to him, and said, ” Of course I am happy, because I have you with me. ” ”Sorry I was thinking something else but not means I am not happy. ” After he saw my happy face, he released, and smiled.

How about you ? Ever happened to you too, mama?

Why do you need to become stunning?

  • Because when you know you are stunning, you are happy for yourself.
  • Be happy with yourself  not means you are a selfish mama.

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How to get started with becoming a stunning mama?

  • First of all, you need to know your kids need you to be happy. With a happy mama, the kids will become the most happiest kids in the world.


You can be Successful in

1 week !

How to Become a Stunning Mama in 1 Week?

  1. Make sure you have your ‘’ME TIME ‘’ every day.
  2. Ask for help.
  3. Dress better.
  4. Workout
  5. Choose your words wisely.
  6. Be nicer to yourself.
  7. Volunteer / Donation.
  8. Date time with your husband/partner.
  9. Stop 3 seconds before yelling to your kids.
  10. Read.

Common Questions/FAQ About Being a Stunning Mama.

  • Question 1 : What is ”ME TIME”?

    • Your own time with no any other distractions. Do what makes you happy; focus on yourself only. Even just 5 minutes. It will help you to beat the tiredness. 
  • Question 2 : It is embarrassing to ask for help.

    • Not at all. In fact, the person who you ask for help, he/she will feel so respected from you.
  • Question 3 : Why need to dress better ? I don’t have time for it.

Have you heard about Wearapy?

According to a famous stylist/celebrity,  Jeannie Mai, who comes up about this word that shows how wearing different clothes will affect you all day.   

Mama, you need to put yourself in a better mood.

What you wear affects your mood.

  • Question 4 : I don’t have time to go to the gym. How can I workout?

    • You don’t need to go to the gym to workout. According to a Japanese doctor, Tetsuya Inui, he found out as long as you keep moving, you are reducing the calories from your body.

Don’t Think. Just Move.

  • Question 5 : How to speak politely and smoothly? I have become so impatient since I become a mom.

    • It is hard. Every day you kids just drive you crazy, and there is always out of time for everything. You just hope everything can be done on time. Deep breath before you speak, stop for 3 seconds, then you speak. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Question 6 : Why volunteer? why donation?

    • It is actually kind of selfish, I will say. Because when you help people, you actually gain more back than you think. You will earn the respect from more people, you will feel more satisfied for yourself, you will feel you are so needed by this world. Moreover, you will feel you are elegant. It will all come back to you for good.
  • Question 7 : Why date? I am a mom now, and I barely have time to sleep, to rest. How can I date with my husband?

    • Good marriage will make you growing, be more attractive. You don’t even need more makeup, because it will give you the natural pink flush on you beautiful face. Reminding each other the feeling when you and your husband fall in love. A lot of couple forget the feeling because of massive stress from raising kids. Physical  contact with each other is very important. You guys need each other. Via physical contact is the direct way to let each other that you love each other so much. That is why you guys are building a family together, right?
    • Even just a glass of wine, stay at home. Just talk with each other. You will feel yourself so stunning !

The Last Thing You Need to Know about how to become stunning immediately.

  • Read as much as you can. Use your phone, download e-books, broadcast. No matter you want to read kindle or just listen to a audiobook, keep reading. It will show your ora immediately. For example: while you are in the toile; waiting for your kids finish class; cooking dinner; or just 10 seconds before you go to the bed.
  • The whole year, the whole new you, mama. Do you want your kids to be happier ? Then you need to be happy first. Showing your happy ora will affect to your kids immediately.

With a happy mama, children will feel very secure, and be stronger to face the world.

Hope you enjoy my 10 tips for every mama to become more stunning in only 1 week !

Be chic! Be happy!

Love from


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachel says:

    These are great tips. I know when I dress to impress I certainly feel more impressive. This year I’m trying to train myself to wear heels…eek! But I’m determined to do it. I wear them a little each day. I love going on dates .It’s a big deal in our house. We do it with one another and also with our kids. Helps us in the patience department when we have fun with our kiddos.

  2. MamaAthena says:

    Wow Rachel, Thanks for your comments! Yes, I do the same thing too. You know, since I barely have time to workout, wearing heels is the way I train myself, to build the muscle, and to lift my butt. Lol. Btw, you may need to pay attention to be the knees because it might hurt if wearing too much heels.
    Have a great one !

  3. Hi Athena,

    Fantastic tips. And very practical too!

    I like every single one of them. But I think “Me Time” is really important. From time to time, mothers need to be able to switch off and use be themselves without the kids.

    As a husband and father of grown up children, I can definitely relate!

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Best regards,

    Astute Copy Blogging

    1. MamaAthena says:

      Hello Pedro!
      So appreciate your lovely comments!

      It is true we, mothers, need a time to take a breath. For me, it’s a glass of wine after my kid went to bed.( guilty😝)

      It is so nice to have you, as a father and husband ,to make a comment to me.
      Made my day so special!

      Thanks so much for visiting my site and sharing your thoughts with me!
      Have a very good one !

      Love from Athena

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