Japanese Anti-aging Superfood

35, it’s like a wakeup call. Not only the limit age for women , but also the time for me to start to think how to take care of myself well.


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To take care of yourself well, you need to eat the right thing.

I would like to introduce you a superfood from Japan.

Have you heard about Natto?

It is a  Japanese Superfood!

Anti-aging, Diet, Nutrition…you name it !


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There are So many kinds of nutritions including in  NATTO:

 Protein, Nature fat, Dietary Fiber, Carbohydrate, Vitamin. 

  • Also: Lecithin, Mineral Vitamin, Soybean Isoflavone, Nattokinase, Dietary Fiber, Soybean Saponin, Soybean Peptide, Soy protein. 


However, it has a strong, nutty  flavor , a slippery texture, and also a unique smell; not everyone can accept it.

Japanese eats Natto almost every day; especially for women, this is a super anti-aging food with very affordable price ! . If you can keep eating it, you will feel much different than before.


Easy Recipes:

With plain rice, and a soft-boiled egg (3-7 boiled egg), then add some soy sauce on it ; or you can add the sauce including inside of the natto package.

Some people don’t  like to mix up everything; but for me, the more you mix, the much flavor you can taste! Super yummy! Super healthy! Super anti-aging!

Try this new food to your daily meal, you may find it interesting and also have another new choice when you make meals for your family !

牡蠣醤油P.S. Our family like Oyster Soy Sauce while eating Natto Rice. Try it ! It’s more delicious than regular soy sauce. Highly recommended !





Be chic! Be healthy!

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