Japanese Beef Curry

Always wondering how Japanese make their curry? Or you are tired of the curry you eat every time ? Try Japanese style, you may love it !



Beef curry

1) 5g butter

2) 300g Beef chunks

3) White onions cut into slices

4) Potatoes , roughly cut

5) Organic carrots : also cut in roughly

6) Organic zucchini: cut in slices, then half cut

7) Button mushrooms : cut in quarterly

8) Water ( about 800ml- 1 L)

• Melt the butter in a pan, then put the beef in, then fry a little until two sides color change to light grey.

• Boil hot water, then put into a pot, the put (2)-(5) in.

• Medium heat cook until the potatoes getting soft ( can use chopsticks to stick in to check)

• Put Japanese curry roux in( 8pieces). Tip: use a middle size strainer to melt the roux.

• Until the Saisei getting sticky

• Put (6)&(7) into the pot to cook together. Weak heat

• Stir sometimes to make sure it won’t stick in the bottom

• Cook for 3hours, then turn off the heat , and let the rest of temperatures of he stove to cook for 1 hour

• Let it cool . At least 2 hours.

• Put into the refrigerator

• Next day cook for 2hours

• Turn off the heat

• Heat up again whenever ready to dinner!

Good luck !

Enjoy !

Love from


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