Pregnant Women & Kids Friendly – Japanese Omelette

My Japanese omelette is a little bit different from the traditional one.

When I got pregnant, I became very careful about what I eat. Then, I realized Japanese Omelette includes Mirin ( or you may call it as ” Sweet Sake ”) which is a Japanese cooking alcohol. It won’t affect to your body even when you are pregnant, but I just wanted to be super sure that I don’t have any alcohol to my body which might affect to my baby. So, I create my way to make the Japanese Omelette which is very healthy, and also delicious too !


You’ll need:

1) 3 eggs ( For 2 people )

2) Honey or Sugar (I use coconut sugar which is healthier too )

3) Soy sauce ( we prefer Oyster Soy Sauce )

4) Hon-Da-Shi : Japanese Seasoning ( made by fish )

Time:  10 mins only !


1) Mix well all eggs
2) Add honey ( or  sugar) : 2 tea spoons

P.S. Traditional Japanese Omelette will use Sweet Japanese Sake (Mirin) 

3) Soy sauce ( or like us, use Oyster Soy Sauce) : 2 tea spoons

4) Hon-Da-Shi : 1 tea spoon

5) Mix very well but don’t make bubbles.

6) Heat up the pan ( medium heat)  and put a little bit olive oil , spread out evenly.

Bought from ¥100 shop

7) Put 1/3 cup of eggs into the pan , and make sure the liquid eggs would full of the pan but very thin.

8) After it turns half dry , start to roll it. ( about 5 cm) Use big long chopsticks is easier to roll.

9) To the end of pan, then push the roll to the top again.

10) Add another 1/3 cup of liquid eggs , but make sure to lift up  the first roll , and let the new liquid eggs  fill all the button of the roll too.

Then repeat all the process.

11) Add the last 1:3 cup of liquid eggs, and repeat all .

12) Turn off the stove, and let it stay for 30sec.

13) Put the egg roll on a plate, then cut it into pieces.

14) Add some Green Onions / Japanese mayonnaise / Japanese White Radish/ on top of the omelette .

Then you may enjoy your homemade Japanese omelette !


You may also make it into heart shape, then put into the lunch box. which is the popular way Japanese mommies love to prepare for their kids or husbands, or the one you love !

Heart Shape Omelette


I see so many people are struggling try to make the Japanese Omelette. Lots of people love it, but it seems very different for them, I guess it is because of the shape.

Here is the secret :

 The quick and easy way to make it good is to buy the right pan !

By using the specific pan to make Japanese Omelette is the easiest way to do it!


Good Luck !  Hope you enjoy my style !


Any questions, Please do not hesitate to leave commend below or email me! I would love to read your commend and share it with you !

Love from

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