New Year, New You!


It is time for a new start, new chapter of your life.

You may wonder: I am a mom, HOW? Impossible.

Remember, nothing is impossible; it is  :



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Here are the 10 easy tips for every mommy to have a great 2019 !

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Write Down your goals, your desires, that you have dreamed about for years. Every the end of year, you always think : ” I wish I did it …, but I couldn’t . Again…”

Consider this year will be your awesome year, and the end of 2019, you will think : ” OMG! I can’t believe I finally did it ! Yeah me !”

First step, write everything down.


Once you write all your dreams / goals down, breakdown to small pieces: yearly, monthly, weekly, then DAILY!

However, keep it realistic. Since we are a mom first, you have to put the family  before everything. Priority is family. No change. But, you can still have some dreams for yourself that you have the ability to do it; that you are good at. Or you may draw it down which even better since you put out the picture in front of you, and that is really powerful mindset !

3. KEEP.

Keep the promises!
To your baby, your husband, your partner, your friends, and to yourself.
As long as you make one, make sure you will keep it for sure.
The most important thing is :
Finish what you have started!
There is no deadline. All control is yours. Once you hit the button, keep going, until reach the destination. No one push you in a hurry; you may enjoy the view during the road, just remember keep forward, then accomplish your promise.

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4. CUT.

Cut the distractions!
Too many distractions around us.  Mommies, we consider our baby, the whole family first, so we forget ourselves which is normal for us. No surprise.  Not even mention to have a  time to write an agenda for each day. However, at least, you can download an APP that to keep your things in order.  Your to-do lists everyday with your phone, then step by step to finish all. You will be surprised when you did all the Must-Dos, how much time you can have for yourself in the night before go to bed.

5. BE.

Not just being a MOM, be yourself.
Kids will grow up , then what ? You get older, not attractive anymore, and nothing to concern about? To avoid this kind of situation in the future, you need to think about yourself  while taking care of your family, NOW.  Don’t put yourself away and think you can take it back later. It’s impossible!
Find something your are inspired with, you are interested in, something you are good at. then try to do it little by little.
Not for the money, is for you. Chase your passion.


DO small challenges each day.
Life is short. Like you feel your baby growing up so fast, and so do we. We get old very fast. As a mom, a woman, what can we do for ourselves? Taking good care of your baby is the most hard challenge in the world. I totally agree. Because I face a new challenge every single day because of my baby boy. But, We all need some excitement for ourselves, too.  Those errands will be the same everyday. Don’t tell me you don’t get bored sometimes after your baby goes to bed. Do a small thing each day, anything, you will feel better and live happier.


To people , to yourself. We all have a busy life , and sometimes we are too busy to show respect to the people who see you. You don’t meant it, I believe. But with a light smile, it will all change the atmosphere.
Show the respect to all, then it will come back to you, too!
Especially respect to yourself too. With respect to yourself, you will dress better, eat better, think better, and live everyday better !

8. MOVE.

Basically, don’t stop yourself sitting on the chair for hours. MOVE your body, move to everywhere.
After giving birth, I believe we all think about DIET  all the time. And usually we fail. (Yes, I am one of them !)
You may shout :” No time for exercise!  ” Of course. But, No worries ! Simple solution:  You just need to keep moving. 
After eating, stand immediately, for at least 30 minutes. Such as, organize the dishes , handle your kids, walking around in the neighborhood…etc.   As long as you keep moving, you will reduce the calories little by little.


List up all the schedule for your baby, then find the gap between those activities, because those will be your free time !
With a good schedule, you can track everything better too. If you are working on something for yourself, those small time will be super important to you!


We, mommy,  usually make sure our babies have enough water, because we know keep them hydrated is so important.  However, we always forget to take some for ourself. So mommies usually easily to get UTI. It could be very seriously disease if you don’t  take care yourself well. ( Oh yes, I’ve there so many times, and every time gets worse than the previous one. )
But , We can’t be sick ! Mommy, we all know this. We don’t have the time to get sick. Having a good health is the most important thing in our life ! You keep your baby healthy , so do you ! You need it, too. Not difficult. Just keep hydrated. It also the number one anti-aging tip that can help you keep beauty too !

Above  are the 10 tips for every mom to have a great year. Wish every one will have the most amazing year this year !

Let me know down below if you have some tips would like to share with me too !

Love from



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