Quick Everyday Makeup Guide for Mamas!

Mamas, let’s do this !

Every mama is unbelievable busy. That is how important you need to know about the tips how to put your makeup rapidly every morning.

Mamas always try to make sure everything is done perfectly: all the kids are well prepared, husband is fed ( you know what I mean, mamas. ) But, we tend to forget to make something good for ourselves.

By a light makeup will be the little magic to your beautiful face, and it will bring your the joyful mood immediately.

Please don’t give up on makeup, mama. You may think there is meaningless that you put some make up on, because no one will appreciate you to look nice or look at you seriously. Especially for stay-at-home-mom.

However, Pleaser consider this:

It is for yourself ! 

Wearing makeup is like wearing nice clothes, it can make your mood much better because you are seeing yourself fascinating.  With a better mood, the rest of day will become so much smoother.


Here are the basic and rapid tips for every mama !

Check it out !

1. Foundation:

Armani Silk Foundation is my number 1 , daily-makeup choice.

It is so smooth that you won’t feel heavy on your face (just like its logo, ” SILK” ), and it is so easily to apply on, just under 1 minutes! Beside, it won’t make you look wearing too much make up or trying too hard on yourself. It also contains SPF20 which is also perfect for everyday look.

With a good foundation, your face will be very hydrated, and hydration is the key to avoid getting more wrinkles on your face.

I have tried so many high brands , drug store brands, this is the best one ever (for years already)! Especially I have a sensitive combination skin, it won’t make you itch, cause any redness, or dry out the skin even after 10 hours long.


2. Concealer:

NARS concealer.

It is also recommended by many makeup artists, because it is so creamy, so hydrated, and won’t whiten your dark circle too obvious.

Mama, you need this very much ! This is will be super important. Because we are very lack of sleep everyday, so I’ll say if you really don’t have any time left, using concealer as a light cover up for your tired face.

First of all, you need to put cover under the eyes. By covering the dark circles, your whole look will be lifted very much! You will feel so refresher and so ready to go out the house.


Extra Tip:

Draw a triangle under the eyes, and use sponge to blend it all, way up to the edge of the eyes. I usually will add some eye cream (drug stores brand is totally perfect, because you won’t feel you are using it too much and waste the money).

Morning Make Up

is the key to hydrate your face all day!


3. Eyebrows:


Smash Box

This is my number 1 choice brand for eyebrows. Very reasonable price; so easily to brush, and won’t fall, and it can last for all day long.

Okay, this is will be only for the mommies who like me don’t have beautiful eyebrows. (Well, no one is perfect.) If you have nature beautiful eyebrows, you don’t need to worry about it. Because you are so lucky to have it. No need to work on it too much, just need to remember to fix it to keep it a beautiful shape.

However, if you are like me, without drawing the eyebrows, I will be probably looked so sleepy (and scary actually. Lol!)


4. Mascaras: 

Lancôme / Estee Lauder

Those are my favorites. Maybelline is also great too! Depends on your budget, you just need to choose anyone you like, and use BLACK as daily base. Because Black is the easily color to make your eyes opened, and it is perfect for everyday use. You are not going to a party, so please don’t try something too colorful. It will take more time, and too hard to balance the whole look.

I have a mom friend who is from Mexico. She is so beautiful and so lucky to have very nice eyebrows, and long lashes ! With all the God’s gifts, she saves lots of time and money on makeups. But, if you are like me, a normal person, who doesn’t have the gift from God have long and thick lashes, we can still use a little trick for ourselves: Mascaras ! I really love mascaras! It can make your eyes so awake by the second you put it on, and your eye will look so wider and bigger!



5. Lipsticks:

Chanel Rouge Allure 178

is my top recommendation lipstick. It is lasting long, and with a little bit shinning color makes your look very mature.  You don’t need to own a brand bag necessarily, but you can afford for a tiny lipstick. Every time you use the lipstick on you, you feel luxury.

I always put a lipstick in my purse. Let’s say if you don’t have any makeups on, but you suddenly need to meet someone, just adding a little bit color on your lips, you will look much feminine, and attractive already.

Rose Pink will be the perfect on-the-go color. Not showing you are trying too much, or make your whole look too bright. By nature rose pink, you can be a stunning mama right away.


Having a little treat is not a sin.


Every morning, it will be about only 5 minutes to make yourself nice. That is all you need.

Like I always say, by dressing your well you can earn much more respect back. Simple daily makeup also a part of it. By a little bit effort, you can be a stunning mama !

Extra Tip :

Tap a little bit lipstick from you mouth after applying on (or directly by the lipstick is fine too), then put on your cheeks. Blend out, make it evenly. It will make your cheeks and lips same color and with growing shining on your beautiful face.

Be chic, Be nice to yourself!

Love from

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