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Every morning you worry about the same problems?  How to wear ? What to wear ? Is it possible to make yourself looking good in a very short time ?   In fact, there is a way to make it. Please don’t give up on your fashion style, because there is always someone who looks at you, and learn from you : Your lovely kids! You are the first model in their life.

The hardest part about styling yourself is to make the right choice. A style is not easy to create.  The key point is to keep trying, and look at yourself more seriously.  You can try something simple first. Figuring out what kind of outfit can make you confidently and comfortable at the same time. If you like to make a difference, you may try to wear one item with print or colorful to match the whole look. For the rest of items, keep it simple. It is better not to make too complicated to focus.


I have come up a morning schedule that I have tested out thousands of times in order to make my family and myself get ready everyday. In short, here are the key points I focused on:

  1. Make sure you always have at least 1 hour ahead
  2. Take a quick shower in the morning
  3. Prepare the breakfast menu in the previous day

There are many ways to make your mornings much better. Of course you can keep your own way. As long as it is the best for you. I want to share what works for me, and I believe this plan can help you out too.

If you think you want to be a cool mom, or you want to change the lifestyle you are living now, or you really want to make a smile to your kids everyday, and make them proud of you, then you need to check this plan out.


  • Discover what type for YOU is the best
  • Get ready to create a bright morning everyday
  • Learn how a good style can make you happy
  • Create your own lifestyle by your style
  • Find out what to rebuild your self-confidence
  • Stop feeling lost and dressed to yourself
  • Grow your self-esteem to be a stylish mom.

I have been there; all of the situation. I wanted to change. I was so unsure about myself. Then after tons of study, I know one thing for sure : IF IT IS NOT NOW, THEN WHEN ?  You JUST NEED TO GET STARTED.

In this post,  I’ll state the wardrobe plan for 4 seasons below. I also have created a mini guidebook for all moms to find out their own style, and to stop wasting money to buy unsuitable clothes anymore – you can sign up below or at the bottom of the post to get it for FREE.

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You can also see my wardrobe plan as a reference. You can start to create a style for yourself that even fancier or simpler.  – because it is your style! Style is the only way can express yourself, and you are the only one can rock on it. In fact, You can start to have fun by creating your style because it will become your lifestyle that you can actually enjoy it !

First of all, let’s have a brainstorm together.


Before you start creating your own style, I want you to have a moment to think : WHAT IS A MOM STYLE ANYWAY? Usually moms seem not to think about it before giving a birth.  Moms tend to consider about the baby only, then we forget that we will be new too. All the things need to be altered into a new style. You clothes, your shoes, your hair, your home, your schedule, your grocery… All!  Grab a pen, or use you phone or laptop, to write down your lifestyle now, and to see what you want to change, and what are the things you really need to notice more carefully to make them better. The more you try, the more you’ll realize what is the best style for you. Grow your mind, build your life points list, make a plan for being a mom.

Each style should have a personality behind.

I’ve listed down the wardrobe plans for 4 seasons below. These style recommendations are like a guide steps. You don’t need to follow the same way, but you can learn from doing the similar way then make it to your own. I’ve tried out and works for me to match each situation in my life. Hope you can enjoy it too.

Now, let’s check it out!



The first step for spring is to get yourself a new mindset. You have been so bored with the style you have worn for the past years. Take this time to learn how to be a stylish mom.  Enjoy being a stunning mom and don’t be afraid to show yourself off.

We all start with a simple style. Picture like you’re going to a road trip. You need to prepare for it, and think what is good for your trip. Keep focused on yourself, and match all the situation that could happen on the road.


Spring is a very nice season, and you may easily forget to keep yourself warm because you want to enjoy the weather. But spring is still cold sometime to make you catch a cold easily. When we get sick, not only you are suffering from the cold, your entire family will be sick too. Everything will be out of control, and none of you will be happy.

Below is the style that you can try:

  • A Blazer
  • Simple T-shirt
  • Wide pants
  • Brush your hair
  • A pair of low heels / flats / sneakers
  • Light color : Light brown, light grey, light pink. For the spring season.



This is the second season in the year. Besides,  it is warm , the whole mood starting to get excited. The kids are super excited to go to the swimming pool or the beach too. You can start to wear something fun but not too much. Besides, you still need to be careful not to catch a cold but not wearing too warm. Because you don’t want to sweat and smell bad after all.   You should have known what you dislike about your body, and not showing off . You can cover the parts you are not comfortable with, but instead, showing off the parts that you are confident at.

Moreover, don’t be afraid to wear something nice. Of course you don’t need to spend lots of money on expensive clothes. You may not be able to wear it comfortably and without fearing. In fact, it is impossible that a mom who can wear expensive outfits but not worry kids would ruin it. However, you don’t need to wear just hoodies or old clothes all the time,either. So, creating a style you like, and make sure it is comfy with an affordable price.

Below is the style that you can try:

  • A casual red blazer (if you stay indoor often)
  • A black shirt
  • Dark red pants
  • A low heel / flats / sneakers
  • Color : Colorful. But only one item for the whole look is colorful or to keep under 3 colors if you just starting to lean how to dress better and stylish.
  • Not to wear too sexy.



During the Autumn season, it is very common to get lazy easily. Because of the chill weather, makes people loosing energy to get focus. Choose the clothes can put yourself together, and to have an good mood to face a new day.  No need to worry too much about making mistakes, because we all make mistakes. The thing is you need to know what is the outfit to make you feel energetic but also enjoy the weather.


Because of the chill weather, it is very easy to oversleep. In order to avoid being late, you need to get up earlier than Spring and Summer. I’d say 1 and half hours earlier than everyone else in your family.


Promise yourself that you won’t gain lots of weight during the autumn season. Not only Winter, in fact, Autumn season is very easy to gain weight because your body need more energy to keep moving.


Because the temperature in Autumn usually changes a lot during a day. You need to prepare some different items to keep you warm. Considering yourself like an onion. It is better to layer your outfits in order to easily adjust to the weather.

Below is the style that you can try:

  • A casual long dress
  • A big autumn hat
  • Casual bag
  • A low heel / flats / sneakers
  • Color : brown, grey, smooky blue, orange
  • Don’t forget to smile.


SCARF : This is the season you can enjoy fashion the most in my opinion ! Most of moms just keep adding lots of clothes on because it is cold. However, actually, you can have fun by creating your winter look.  The first must item is a big SCARF. Choosing a big scarf that you like the most but not too expensive. When you put it on, you feel yourself luxury and still very comfy. Make sure it is the one you are not afraid your kids will spill on or spread some painting on, or leave some food on it, or use is accidentally to wipe his little mouth.

COATS: Then enjoy wearing different coats often during the winter season. Have you watching Korean TV Drama? Or imagine yourself is a celebrity that you can wrap yourself in a cozy coat and be very stylish.

BOOTS: I love boots! They are so stylish and so comfy! Make sure you have some pair of boots for winter which is very easily to wear and to take it off. Moms don’t have the time to sit down and wearing a fancy boots slowly or take 5 minutes to take it off. Choosing some pairs with zippers, and you will look so stylish and very easy to create your own style.

Below is the style that you can try:

  • A pink coat
  • A pink winter hat
  • A pair of gloves. Black.
  • A pair of boots with zippers
  • A big black and white scarf
  • Color : black, grey, smooky pink


Remember, you can do this.You can be a stylish mom who is capable to take care of kids well and also for herself.  Just imagine how you can be a year from now if you start to change yourself. Like I mentioned above, IF NOT NOW, THEN WHEN? YOU JUST NEED TO GET STARTED.



  • Get up before everyone wakes up at least 1 hour earlier
  • Check your closet and prepare your outfit for the day (you can also prepare it in the previous night before going to bed which will be even better! )
  • Turn on the music you like ( For me, I like to turn on Netflix and let the TV dram keep running while I am preparing the breakfast for my family without watching it. )
  • Create a routine to let you speed up the preparation for the day
  • Find the items can make you look slimmer and nicer
  • Drink warm water immediately after waking up (you may also add some lemon or honey; to warm up your entire immune system and it is also the very important method to keep the beauty)
  • Make sure to put some make up before you leave the house. (Even just s lipstick. Add some color to your face to bring out the beauty that you have already)


Keep everything in a convenient position that you can reach out very fast. Return everything back to the position after using is. By this simple step, you can be ready and be organized without thinking it. Because it will become a habit of your lifestyle.

Toddlers make a mess easily. Because they want to try all the things. They are at the age to start to explore the world. Don’t be mad at them. You just need to create a good system for you and for them to easily get organized.

You can wear comfy but still stylish while taking care of them.


Check out your old pictures or any pictures you have in hand, to see which style you like yourself the most. Then, organize your closet by the style you like.

I read an article before. It says if you want people to recognize you by your style, there is a super easy way to do it : By wearing the same color everyday. You definitely don’t need to do like it, but you may start a way really simple first, and add different items to the whole look.

For example, if you like T-shirt, you may try wear jeans, wide pants, pants with patterns, skirts, or a jump suit could work too. Keep one items you like the most, then wear similar everyday by coordinating with different bottoms. You may surprise how many different looks you can create.


Write down your weekly schedule down and think what kind of outfits will match the day. At least during the weekend before the week starts. This is actually very easy, because all kids for their school activities schedule advance. Teachers usually inform parents at least 1 week ahead. Sometimes even 1month earlier. As long as you get the schedule from teachers, you start to think about your outfits. You can memo by your phone or you can write it down in your journal note.


Moms always busy. There is no way we can memorize all the things. You want to keep everything speedy, and make yourself to be ready in a very short time, then you need to practice. You need to know what you did to make yourself looking good, and make a note for it. Then, next time, similar situation happens, you can check out your own notes, then wear the items you have listed,  then you are ready to go.


It is summer time – it is the time to wear something short. However, you need to understand that you are a mom now, means you cannot wear like you were single. You should understand what schedule for the day, and what kind of people you will meet. Don’t make yourself and the people who will meet you at that day uncomfortable by a improper outfit. Such as: showing off your belly, you breast, your butt. One important thing need to be aware of is the PTA meeting. You don’t want other parents and the teacher feel awkward by a sexy outfit when they have a meeting with you.

Do you need a perfect fashion guide for everyday wearAre you stuck trying to style your clothes everyday? Is it really so hard to dress yourself if you have a toddler ?

Remember, everything is possible. I am a mom of a three years old toddler boy,  and I’ve created a basic book for moms to understand themselves more. I used to be so depressed to myself, lost my confidence after giving birth because my body figure has changed. Now, I know what is suitable for me, and how to wear in a rapid way everyday. This basic guidebook will lead you to understand more about the new you, the one has become a mom. You are not younger anymore; however, you are more attractive than ever! You just don’t know about it. This guidebook will help you to save money from unnecessary shopping, and also to help you to find  a way to build your self-confidence again. You can find it from my another post :

I created for myself, for my family, and also for you, my dear blog friends! It is FREE! It includes the basic fashion advices for moms to know how to dress fast and stylish!

Welcome to Sign up to Get one ↵

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Hope you enjoy my MOM FASHION ADVICE in this post. I’d love to hear your advice too! Please don’t be hesitate to share your thoughts with me. Leave a comment below, and I promise I will reply as soon as I can.

Love from

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