Should You Work Out When You Get Sick?

I never tried workout in my life; of course, I didn’t like it. I am not a very sporty girl. But now, after giving birth, I start to feel it ! It is very necessary to workout for yourself ! Especially for Mommies! We give birth, we gain weight, we get older…
Still, we want out beauty back.

So, the only way is…

Move your body ! 

Just do it! You will thank yourself later.


However, Recently , I got sick. It makes me think :

“ Should I continue to work out or should I take a rest? “

It is very terrified when I make the decision. Because I worry about all my effort in the pasts 2 months will be gone. Just like bubbles ! ( 2 months seems very short period, but for me it’s a hard run I came so far!)

So, I’ve done lots of research, then realized the truth:




There are some reasons that you should not keep working out when you get sick.


People usually think doing exercise can remove all he bacteria from the body ( Detox? Maybe ? Lol!), and that is also the reason many people continue to push themselves to workout even when they get sick. Remember, if you get sick, means you become weak  than usual already, there is no need to push yourself to do exercise. It will makes you even weaker, because you force yourself to spend more energy to workout instead of recovering  your body first. You will burn out like a candle , finish very fast . Sounds scary ? Yes! It is scary ! So, don’t push too hard. Sometimes, it is okay to rest. You deserve it !




If you have been working out for a while, then you have built your muscles already. Roma doesn’t build in a day! Which means it won’t destroy in a day either ! So, don’t panic!




You wan to hustle, and finally made the choice to do it ! So you really don’t want any excuses to stop you keeping working out . I get it ! Because I am also the same . To start anything, it is not easy ! Because we need to mind-set ourself first , then can have the courage to do it . Once stop , there is always a excuse to pause anytime.

However, if you are not doing it in a right way, then it will be total counterproductive! Waste your time ! And earn nothing but a minus ! Some people don’t know about it, and not taking enough rest after working out, they usually easy to catch a cold, because their body  become hypoimmunity. I am also one of the idiots. ( cry …)

Hard to understand? No worries ! The easiest thing you need to know and only need to do is :


Go to bed, take a great rest ! Sleep as much as you can ! Then you will

get well soon , then go to work out again !

Be Relax !


Love from


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