The Best 11 Travel Tips For Busy Moms!

Travel is super fun but could be very exhausting if you have the little ones with you. From preparing things at the beginning. You may think you have all the things well prepared already, but trust me, we always be panic in the last minute.



Why? you may ask.

Because we are PARENTS !

There is never fully preparations for traveling with little one. You could buy later at the location you stay, but not always that convenient!


Here are some travel tips that hope can give you a good hint to well prepare for your family trip !

1) Pouch


Passports , Flight Tickets and all the important things put in a pouch or a folder , then put into your purse immediately.



I would recommend if you have a crystal clear one, use it. Because when you running out of the time, you want to find things as soon as possible. Then clear one is the easiest to use. No need to open it to see what inside, but just look the outside. Very helpful! Very categorize!

2) Diaper bag

Don’t let yourself panic to find the diaper and the wipes when your baby is wetting his pants. Use any one that will remind you the quickest there has the diapers and wipes inside. I suggest to use a toddler bag that you can make your little one to carry by himself, and it looks cute too !


Do not embarrass yourself and your little one.  By a little preparation, it will always help the most !



3) Big Scarfs


This is a life saver ! Whenever you feel cold , or your baby fell asleep , your big scarf can make you or your baby warm.


Especially on the plane, long time flight, sometimes there is not enough blanket for all the customers, and your big scarf will be the best buddy for the whole time! Besides, your scarf is full your smell, so when you use on your little one, he will feel so secure by your scent.



4) Sneakers and socks

Wearing comfortable for yourself, because you are always on the go !


Run to the toilet. run to catch the flights, change the diapers, looking for the water bottle…etc; Run Run Run ! I know it is important to keep yourself to look good, but don’t wear high heels! It’s just showing on the magazines or commercial advertising. In reality, You better to  choose a pair of sneakers. You can find a very chic one , and it is also trendy now ! So you can still look very nice , elegant, also helpful to yourself the most. Socks also very important ! Everyone who has flight experience knows that it will become very cold in the air; especially if you are going to take a long flight, wearing socks can keep you warm ! Also , for your baby !!


5) Extra clothes for you and the baby !

Always remember to prepare at least one extra set for your baby (of course more is better !) .


The important thing is

Don’t forget for yourself too !


In fact , It happened to me before in the airport. My baby was just starting his potty training, and he was behaving very well until we got off the plane , then he wet his pants when I carry him. My dress was all wet, and so did he! Lucky me,  that I just put one piece of comfy dress in our carry on bag ( because it was too much stuff in our luggage already . No space for me anymore . Lol ! ) . So , I luckily changed it immediately!

Mommies! Don’t forget one for yourself! You never know what would happen in the next minute. At least, one piece of casual dress ! It wont cost much space in your bag, but can be your lifesaver later !


6) Always in Layers (like a ONION )!

You can never sure about the temperatures in your destination, so layer yourself is the smartest way to protect yourself and you baby from unexpected weather! Layer clothes can adjust to any temperatures wherever you are ! Try it ! It worth it ! And remember m, you can also be chic and stylish in layers !

My advice for mommies is to wear at least 4 layers. You can wear one sleeveless first, then a short sleeve T-shirt, and add one long sleeve shirt, finally is the mommy hoodies ! And of course don’t forget your big scarf, it can be a blanket, a coversheet, a baby wrap, a warm outfit, and neck warmer for sure.

7) Medication and Insurance!

Always put these two sets into your bag first ! Preparing some basic medicine can save  the most and the smoothest time whenever it happens.


Such as the pain relief for stomachache; ointment for small cut, burn, bite…etc. Put those in crystal clear bags or a case / box. Well preparation is the only way to let yourself and your little one to enjoy the trip the most ! Moreover, put some tissues inside of the bags too. Sometimes, the public toilet don’t have any left ! (Yes, we all have been there , don’t we ?)

8) Don’t fold, just roll !


We are not all trained by a retail store; not all of us know how to fold it so nice into a luggage. However, there is a way can save the time, the space for your travel preparation :  Rolling Clothes !

Which is a very fast way and also can save lots of spaces in your luggage! In this way it  can aslo avoid wrinkles of your clothes ! Try it ! You will thank me later !



9) Healthy snacks


Baby always need energy, they are easily get hungry. Please pack at least one pack of his favorite but keep it healthy as well.  You don’t want to run everywhere just want to find a thing for your baby to eat .

Also, come crackers or any dry snacks for your family members and yourself too. Sometimes waiting for a flight or transfer can be very exhausting and lose energy the most ! Have some snacks can release the tension from stress of travel. Also, you don’t want to miss the flight just because you are trying to find some food.

10) iPad , APP

Thanks to the high technology nowadays! There are tons of educational applications, cartoons can keep your kids occupied when you need a time for breathing!


Research those you like and your baby may like , download it first ! Just in case there is no wifi but you can still use it !

11) Books, Pens / Crayon

Books not only for your baby, but also for yourself.


Reading can make people calm. We all need some time to focus on ourself. Also don’t forget bring some pens and crayons, because you may need to write down your thoughts, and your baby may want to draw his imagination down !



Anyways, your baby is your first priority, but please don’t forget yourself too !

Enjoy your trip with your precious!

Love from


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