The Best Fashion Item for Mamas!


2019, can be your year, mama!

You can be so stylish, so confident, so knowing yourself better, and also be a fabulous mama at the same time.


I was struggling to shop my mama clothes.


  • Gaining so much weight because of pregnancy.
  • Not used to bigger size.
  • Don’t know how to wear properly, like a mature mama.


Here I recommend …



What I love about Cardigan is no matter which season, where you are, you can add one cardigan to make your style upgraded.

For mommies, a cardigan with long length can be the best buddy in your fashion collection.  Please don’t think about the one that your grandma wears. Well, it may match with her age, but you need something for your age too. You can enjoy it in every season.

Beside, usually after we giving birth, the body figure has changed a lot. Especially the waist, and the butt. you can cover it up by a cardigan if you are not comfortable showing them off.


Here are the tips for 4 seasons to teach you how to wear a cardigan smartly year round.


In winter, usually you tend to choose color low tone. Such as : Black, dark brown, gray, navy; the ”earth color” series. So, in Spring, when the time changes, you may choose some color bring your joy. Such as: Soft pink,  light yellow, smooth orange,  sky blue, or beige.  You can easily put it on when you feel chilled and also make your outfit a little bit story.

If you like to wear a piece of skirt, or one-piece dress, you may choose same color / tone to match the two. The whole look will smooth out, bring out the elegance of you.


Summer :

People usually turn the air conditioner very cold because it is very hot outside during the summer time. Preparing a cardigan ofter in your purse, mommy bag, or in your office (if you are a working mama). It can proven from the cold room temparature and avoid to catch a cold too easily. Especially in summer, people are so easily to get a cold.

If you like to wear a mini-skirt or short dress (above knees ), by adding a long cardigan, you can still look so mature because of the length of cardigan can cover the body to make you not too obeviosly (yes, we are mama now; it is not very proper if showing off too much skin.)  There are many options of fabric you can choose. Like,   lace or nylon , which can still cooking down your body temparature , and also proven from the sun burn.

You can download my free 10 must-have recommended fashion items for every mama! Yes, any body type can use this tip ! Just a little bit effort, and you can be very awesome!

Check it out!

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Pro Tip: You can use this list for your daily wearing, travel packing. Save you lots of time, and also make you look stylish stunning!


– Autumn:

A very tricky season but also so comfortable. Not too hot, not too cold. This is the best season for you to enjoy the cardigan. You may choose the earth color series to make you so elegant. Such as : Caramel, chocolate, gray, gray-purple. This is also the season to easily gain weight because of the lazy chilling weather. (or you are like me, who still carrying the baby weight after giving birth. lol ) By adding a piece of cardigan, you can cover your body figure, and not showing off the part you don’t like or you feel uncomfortable. Such as: waist, hip.

Any cardigan with long length can easily make your visual one size down.  Your can difenitely  look slimmer, taller (it is better to wear with a pair of heels if you want to look taller) , and thiner.

Some women, are very sensitive to cold; by wearing a cardigan, you can keep yourself warm, and feel cozy.

– Winter:

You can add one under your coat. Inside of room, you may feel too warm because of the heaters. But it is usually so easy to catch a cold if took the coat off. By wearing a cardigan, you won’t be too cold or too warm. Also, makes you look so elegant. I love to wear a knit cardigan, so cozy, so stylish during the winter time. Recommend color: Dark red, black, chocolate brown, steel gray, royal navy.


 Best Tips to make you look thiner

  • Cardigan with long length.
  • Match the color with your clothes and the length which can make your visual one size down.


The Last Thing You Need to Know about Cardigan:

  • Match all the season, just need to choose the color and fabric wisely.
  • Always prepare one in your bag. It can also keep your baby warm if you forget his jacket. Also, you can block the light up if he fall in asleep in the stroller.


Do you have a go-to outfit that you can easily to put on without thinking but still look so stylish?  Please leave a commend below, I’d love to hear your ideas too !

Be Stylish, Be Warm.

Love from

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