The Most Beautiful Accessory A Mom Can Wear.

The most beautiful accessory ever !

Okay…I know you are questioning right now. What is it ? Is it expensive? Where can I get it ? Just tell me.

The answer is simple. It is in you.

Your confidence. 

Mama, you have it. You have it all. If you are not over thinking you are not attractive anymore, you still have it. You still are very beautiful !

It is normal that when you have become a mom, you really don’t think about yourself more. But, please mama, take a moment for yourself. Deep breath, and look at the mirror at yourself.

See, you are so beautiful!

Don’t you want your family, your kids see you happy? Don’t you want to be happy? Lots of mommies, they lost their self confidence, and not being happy at themselves anymore. Then, depression happens.

You still got it, mama !

So, the thing is how you keep yourself confident ? You have gained weight, and you have lost hair after giving birth, and you have never gone to the hair salon for a long time because you are too busy to take care of your baby. There is always a way for you to keep the beauty, and it is not that hard, really !

If you want to see yourself happy and confident, put it together, mama!

 Wake up and Dress better.


So, how do you make yourself looking good ?

If you don’t have time to go to the salon, do it by yourself ; if you don’t have to time to shop for new clothes, shop online. Remember, there is always a way to help you out, mama !

Here are 10 tips can help to make yourself stunning and full of confidence.

1. What You Want to Become In 5 Years Is Based On What You Read Now.

Reading is the best self-care product ever. While you are reading, your thought become more clear, your soul is filled, and your inner beauty will be elevated to a higher level. It means you can be more confident for yourself, and become more comfortable with yourself.

As a mom, there is always no time for us. But, even if just 5 minutes, or just 1 minute, please read. 1 page, 1 line; no matter how much you can read, just keep reading.

Now, we can use our mobile to download the electronic books that we like, so you can read any time anywhere. Just 1 click, and you can enjoy later.


2. Find Small Things Can Cheer You Up.

Making yourself happy is not that hard. There are tons of things happen every single day. Notice it, then you will feel the little joy to full up your heart.

For example:

  • Find the clothes you want to wear for the day immediately! ( You know what I mean, mama. We always have a hard time to find our clothes every morning .
  • Kids get up early without any unhappy mood! (Wow ! Can you imagine ? No shouting? No yelling ? Mama, are you feeling the joy already ?)
  • Get 5 free minutes for yourself in the morning which make you be able to enjoy the coffee for yourself ! ( I know, this is amazing ! )
  • Spray some perfume that you like, and enjoy the smell on you.
  • Notice your child is growing up.
  • Hear your child said He loves you so much !
  • Listen to some music / Dance with your baby.
  • Have a time to enjoy a cup of coffee while your child is taking a nap.
  • Got a message from your husband said he thank you and love you so much.
  • Not being late to send your child to school. Everything goes so well since morning !


See, it is from your daily life !

Observe your everyday life,

you will find the joy.

3. How & Why.

How ? Easy. Collecting the small joys everyday.

Why ? Because it will make you happy, then make your children happy too.

But, there are so many other distractions to keep away from the happiness.

Yes, it is the reality. But, you definitely know how to choose better, and how to make yourself focus. Just like you choose the best for your child.

Confidence Is In You.

Imagine this : You are walking in the street, then suddenly there is woman who walks in front of you, and you just can’t take aways your eyes from her? Not because she is very beautiful, is because she is so confident which makes she look so fabulous!

Oh yes! You admire her confidence .

How I know? Because I am too !


I always admire those women who has so much high self-confidence.

It is not easy, but they make it!

It gets easier once you started! Just like blogging.

Everything needs to practice. Including confidence. Not easy to keep confidence for mommies, because we gave birth, and we have gained weight from the pregnancy, and it is impossible to diet while breastfeeding.

I don’t know about you, but I never succeeded in my dieting after giving birth.

Besides, there are so many distractions happen everyday to keep you away to build self-confidence.

No need to rush.

It’s never too late than never.

It is all about your personality.

Your personality is really important. Even you have babies now. You can still have yourself. There is no need to give up on yourself because you have become a mom. In fact, you are becoming so stunning because you gave a birth to a human being, and raise him so well, and earned the wonderful life experience ever!

4. Confidence Is The Best Accessory Ever.

No budget to purchase new items to add to your wardrobe?

No worries !

You can be the best accessory to yourself !

Your confidence will express you so much better even when you just wear a simple dress, or a piece of white T-shirt, or regular slim blue jeans.

How ? here are some ways to build it.

  • Images Yourself is a supermodel – my favorite classic model : Cindy Crawford. Research the model you like the most, and learn the style from her. Simple daily style only !
  • Put your old self picture on the place you can see often– Don’t say past is not important. In fact it is very important. Because it makes how you are now. If you were thinner before, then remind yourself : Do not gain any more weight !
  • Dress smartly – No need to buy fancy clothes. But to learn how to dress yourself smartly stylish. By using the items you have now, to dress better. Just need a little fashion tips. You can learn from fashion magazines or the celebrity you like the most.Check their fashion items, and use similar from your wardrobe. By practicing, you can eventually make your personal style.
  • Use words cleverly – Not only the appearance, but also the language you use. Have you ever met a person makes your feel so comfortable and respectful  when she talks?  Mama, remember, you kids look up to you. They learn everything in front of them. So, please use proper words which will make yourself very elegant.
  • Valuable Me-Time – Every day, even just 5 minutes. Make it ! You need some time for yourself. Focus on yourself. The precious time will soothe you very much. I like to have a glass of wine after my baby goes to bed; or after making dinner for my husband. Because it is the only time I can focus on myself. Please don’t think it is selfish, because it is not. You need some time to put yourself together, and gathering your daily thoughts before going to bed. I also like to write my journal before bed. Listing up at least 5 things you have achieved in that day, then compliment yourself. Imagine if you can finish 5 things a day, which means 150 things a month, then it will be 1800 achievements in a year ! How wonderful it is ! No matter how small it is, you did it all !

If you are a new born mommy, I believe you have lots to say, to write, to achieve. Because raising a new born baby is like to start a whole new world. You have no idea if you are doing it right or wrong, everyday is a big challenge for you, and you must be so tired. But, please don’t give up on yourself, you can still be beautiful while you are taking care of a baby.

The key point is :


5. Waking Up Your Inner Beauty.

One simple way to make your inner beauty is :


Never Stop Learning.

By improving yourself, you can become wiser, more clever, and knowing more, understand more things that you can teach your kids as well. I know you are super busy already, but even just a little bit of a day, you are definitely improving yourself. Such as, reading a magazine (when you in the toilet), a page of a book, researching something that you want to know, reading a blog, catching up the title of newspaper, or reading your own journal can work too. There are tons of ways to keep yourself not stopping learning new stuff into your brain. By adding new knowledge to yourself, your inner beauty will be rising up.

6.  Happy Mama, Happy Family.

The number one rule in every marriage:



You have to be happy first, then your family will feel the joy too. Don’t be a mom that always showing the sad or angry face to your baby. Children learn all the expression from you. If you always are a happy mama, your kids will be the happiest kids ever. Because they enjoy the time with you, and they feel the joy from you. 

7.  Write Down Your Life Experience.

Your life experience makes what you are now. If you are into digital journal, it is fine too.  Personally, I love using a pen to write down my words in my favorite notebook.

There are so many researches report that by writing down your own words, it can reduce your depression, and clear your thoughts. Even just one line, it can be the outlet for your emotion. Mamas have lots of stress everyday; especially for Stay-At-Home-Mom. Because there is no one can talk to, can spill out your stress. Husband usually don’t and can’t understand what kind of stress you have. They tend to think you are so easy by just staying at home. It is usually a major reason to make stay-at-home-mom gets depressed.

In reality, child-care is really not easy. Raising a human being is so hard, because  we are all leaning how to deal with every situation that your kids give you everyday. Everyday is a new challenge. That is why writing is so important for you. You can also type in your laptop or keep memo in your cellphone. The key point is, you need an outlet to express yourself, and to rebuild your confidence.

8.  Think About What Are You Good At.

Were you a teacher before ? Were you good at painting ? Do you know lots of music? Are you a movie fan? Are you a good singer ? Anything, pick one (or even more) Enjoy it. No time? Try your best to make it. It is for you, mama. For yourself. You need to focus on something you like, you love. For me, I love writing, I love put myself focus on my own words. It feels like I can contribute to the world if my little voice can cheer someone up.

9.  Be You, Be Unique.

Everyone is different. Different shapes, sizes and styles. Your self-image is the way to express yourself.

For examples : Clothes, Make up, Shoes, Accessories, all make into your style if you choose the items on your own.

The most important thing is : 


So, don’t COPY ! Don’t be anyone else, just be you, mama!

You are the first important model in your baby’s life. Your self-image, the way you are as an adult, all of these will potentially affect to your baby in his whole life later.

Using all your life experience to express yourself that also will teach your baby to learn how to be a confident person in the future. They learn from their eyes.

One thing I keep my own confidence is to keep my eyes open.

Open your eyes, and wake yourself up, and look at the mirror before you leave the house. Only one second will be great too.

No one is perfect.

Please don’t look your disadvantage; don’t oversize your weakness too much. You can improve it; not to heighten it.

Besides, please don’t say to your precious children that DON’T DO THIS ; DON’T DO THAT. Because they have their own thoughts too. You can guide them, but not limit them.

The key point is, don’t be too strict to yourself

and not your child either.

10.  Write Down What You Like The Most.

Reminding yourself what you like the most. Don’t give up your dreams or favorites. You may not be able to enjoy it as much as before, but you can still make it. Writing down what you like, or what your dreams are, it will cheer you up, and bring you different thoughts that you can forget the stress of the day.

For example, you can memo your roughly thoughts in your phone. Any time, any where. just simple memo. Few words, couple thoughts. Then, once a while, if you remember, or if you have a little bit time, read it. You may surprise by yourself.

Don’t stuck yourself into the depression. Enjoy the motherhood, the joy, the smile that your baby bring to you. It is a different life experience that you can only have it once.

Meanwhile, you need to keep yourself too.

Love yourself.

Starting something that you can easily have or to create it. Such as : Singing, dancing, writing, cooking, drawing, wearing make up, or watching a movie (you may need to separate to couple times since a mom always don’t have enough time to finish a movie at one time )…etc. Giving yourself some break, and you will smile again.

Are you enjoying this article? Hope you like it.

So, tell me – what’s your favorite way to make yourself confident ? I really want to hear form you too.

Be Chic, be confident!

Love from

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      Thanks for sharing out !

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    I love this post! Confidence (and a smile) are the best accessories! It takes work to stay confident over the years, but its truly worth it.

    1. MamaAthena says:

      Hi Alicia! Thanks for the comment! I am so glad you love it ! I totally agree with you that smile also the best accessory. I wrote another post about it before, you may want to check it out :

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