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Hi mamas!

My name is Athena. Welcome to MAMA OF STYLE ! I created this blog is because I want to help all moms to find / get back their style, and rebuild self-confidence. No always only wearing pajamas or loose clothes, but help moms to know themselves better to understand how to dress and make themselves happy and stunning.

One of my mottos is

You want to feel better,

you dress yourself nicer ! 

– There is a  magical power in clothes that can bring you into a nicer feeling immediately – the concept from my favorite celebrity :

Jeannie Mai, who has created the word ”WEARAPY”. – 

How did I start my styling journey ? Well, I always love to style myself to express my personality. I love to wear something that makes me feel so confident and I can head up so high to show myself.  But, when I got pregnant, and even after giving birth, I was so struggling to find my style. I feel like I have nothing to wear. Because the body figure has changed, the weight changed, and I have become a mom. All the things are needed a massive improvement. Including the clothes. The whole wardrobe need to be updated. That’s how I realized MOM FASHION is so important. I know I have to learn about it.

Everything Is Figureoutable

– Marie Forleo –

Once you understand the method, you will find a way out. Just like one of my favorite inspiration speaker said, Marie Forleo, EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE!  By knowing how to dress yourself look better, as a mom, you can find yourself  fabulous beautiful!

Every mom has her personal style, and it doesn’t need to embrace the latest trend like a Hollywood celebrity. But, you don’t need to put yourself away either. By wearing the same outfit or always in PJs or just hoodies everyday, you don’t know how beautiful you are anymore. Remember, mama,  you can still enjoy yourself,  as a mom.

Unlike all the fashion blogger out there, I don’t have all the  fancy, the latest stuff to wear, which is totally fine, because I want to make the journey with you all, mamas.  By using all your limited items, or on a budget, to make yourself feel good and stylish. All mamas always don’t want to put money on yourself because you want to make sure the kids, the family will be ready and get all the necessary things first. But, you can use all the stuff you have in your wardrobe already, and to create your own lifestyle with it.

You just need to know ‘’HOW’.

I have been enjoyed a fashionable motherhood, and now it is time for me to share it out to you!

Mama, you don’t need to feel guilty to shop for yourself, because with a tight budget, you can still have fun to dress yourself.  Or You can enjoy it by using the clothes you already have.

Besides, once you know how, you can dress yourself look slimmer ! The best free diet way ever!


About my mama fashion journey…


I always know how to dress myself nice when I was single. However, when I got pregnant, gained lots of weight, then gave birth, still carrying lots baby fat; struggling with my diet; had to breastfeeding; can’t handle the hunger…….etc.; yes, I am just like you.  I lost myself; I don’t know how to feel better, and I don’t know how to dress better because I don’t have the slim body like before.

But things were looking up…

I forgot what I believe. I used to love what my fashion idol has encouraged people that all types of women can dress better for yourself, because it is not that hard; moreover, it will change your mood for the day! It is so true! She called it: ” WEARAPY’’ ! (- Jeannie Mai )

So, I have done lots of research; either eastern or western (because I love both fashion style!) Then I’ve created my own! Have your personal style is the wonderful thing ever! Knowing about yourself, and you can feel awesome by dress the best for the day! Once you put yourself in a better mood, your family, your kids feel the same too! Bring yourself joy, the aura will affect to them too.

I always love fashion! When I was single, I love to dress myself look professional when I go to work. Especially when I need to work with some VIPs. I love to dress myself with lots of respect, and feel myself is also very important.  When those VIPs see me dress nicer for them, they feel very respectful too. You see yourself important, and people will respect you as well.

Also, the way you walk is very matters too. I was told my walking is so improper, so immature. When I was told like that, I only has a thought that I am not a model, why bother ? However, I really appreciated the person who told me that, because of him (Yes, it is a Him who was in a high working position ), I have learned to be aware of how to dress better for work, and how to respect my work. Because of that experience, I have understood that you need to change your outfit when you are in a different position in your life.

When I became a mom, I realized that it is time for me to learn about mom style. It is a totally different world. It was very exhausting in the beginning. But, after then, it is so fun!

Becoming a mom is very challenging, it makes you so exhausted, so nervous, so stressful by taking care of a baby, a human being. That is why mommies usually lost themselves. But, you can still have fun with fashion even you have become a mom. You can make your little ones feel excited about it too when you dress yourself better.  I love to hear when my little boy tells me that Mommy, I like your outfit! You look beautiful!” 

That’s why I started this blog. Even though I am not an fashionista here, but I want to share it! The number 1 thing that I’ve learnt:

 It doesn’t have to be expensive!

I’d love having you to join me in this mom style journey. You can get an occasional newsletter with inspirational printables, bonus content, and other tips from me to you.

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More about me…

I also love cooking, love traveling! I now love to learn all about anti-aging. (yes, it is about the time.)  In my blog, I will share those information too! Because I know all the mommies also want to know how to keep the youth.   I am now starting my anti-aging journey, hope you will join with me too.


Be Stylish, Be Fabulous!

Mamas, you can do it!


Love from

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