You Deserve A Better Choice !

Life is full of choices.

There is no doubt. But,  do you know how to make the right choice? Usually, we tend to choose the one is easier, and the one we already get used to it.  Stay in the comfort zone is nothing wrong with it; the problem is, if you want to go to a better level for your life, then you definitely need to get out of the comfort zone you are in now.


Try something new is not easy!

Because we all are afraid to choose something bad, then regret it. Who wants that ? No one. Of course.

However, there is 50-50 chance that you might get the better results than the one you always choose.

Always think:

Choose the better one, not the easier one.

The one you think it might worth it, not the cheap one!


The one will make you happy and healthy, not the one you feel satisfied now, but regret very much after.

Women, when we get older, our look is not same anymore. It’s more from your inside out, not the youth anymore. Youth can’t keep your beauty forever, but inside beauty can. If you know how to choose the right one, the better one for yourself , you will become more elegant, more beautiful, more confident, and more stable.

Say, now, it’s time for your lunch already, what are you going to choose for your lunch today? A cup of instant noodles, because you don’t have enough time? Or go to buy a bowl of salad which can finish really quick but still keep you healthy? Then, you can enjoy a great cup of coffee as a desert since you didn’t take lots of calories from the salad.

The choice is on you, my dear.

So, what is your choice today ?


Please feel free to share with me. I’d love to read your story too.

Relax. Be chic!

Love from


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  1. Great post! 💗💗
    Would love for you to check mine out and give any feedback 😘

    1. MamaAthena says:

      Thanks! Will check your website too! Have a great one!

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