Money-Saving Mom Style Guidebook !


Mamas, I heard you ! I know how hard it is to get ready for everything every morning ! After make everything, everyone ready, there is always not enough time for yourself. So, you probably always be the one with a messy style ( who cares, right?)

However, you don’t need to give up, mama !

There is always a way out ! 

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By following this guidebook, you will get to know what to do, how to do, and save your money from unnecessary items. Knowing yourself better, make yourself feel better, and put yourself together !

Besides, your kids will love to see you be stunning ! Your husband will see you so attractive, and you will see yourself with confident !


Fashion changes, but style endures.


-Coco Chanel-

You don’t need to spend lots of money to chase the fashion trend, you only need to know about yourself. What is good for you, what will bring out your personality, and what is easy to put on in 1 minute while the baby is crying. Mommies are always on the go, but we can still be stylish beautiful.

With this guidebook, you will get :

• How much time you need actually to work on yourself every morning.

• Tips for reorganizing your closet.

• Learn how to use accessories to be more stylish.

• Basic shoes to prepare to match allsituation.

• Everyday easy makeup skills and top recommendations.

Moreover, if there is any questions, you will always be welcome to contact me. You may also leave a comment below to let me know your awesome tips too !

I will be very happy to hear from you !

Enjoy the book,  Enjoy the motherhood!

Be chic, be beautiful !

Love from